WATCH: This Is How You Level Up Your No-Bake Chocolate Cake

Have you tried to make our tried-and-tested steamed chocolate cake recipe? If you have, you know that it's one of our best chocolate cake recipes. This no-bake recipe results in a tender, moist, and super delicious chocolate cake that doesn't need to be baked!  

Since this chocolate cake is steamed, you don't need an oven. That means anyone with a stove can make it! 

That might be one of the many reasons why it's so popular! 

Not all chocolate cakes are as simple or as easy to make. There are many recipes that require more ingredients just to make it different from other chocolate cake recipes like it. There are secret ingredients that promise a moist, tender crumb in the cake and even chocolate-flavor boosters that amp up the bittersweet flavor that we love so much. 

For this simple tweak, the addition of orange is the one ingredient that makes it unique. It is still your favorite chocolate cake but made to taste a little bit different with the citrus zest and its juice added into both the batter and the ganache that covers it. 


To make sure that you know you're eating an orange chocolate cake and not just any old chocolate cake, we added some candied orange zest on top, too. It's easy to make! Reserve some zest from the orange and, after removing the pith or the white foam layer under the orange rind, slice it thinly into small sticks. Simmer these orange matchsticks in some sugar and water until the zest turns translucent and the sugar-water liquid turns syrupy and thick. Then these are ready to be used to top your cake and each slice of your orange chocolate cake!  

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Your steamed chocolate cake recipe just got more flavorful with the simple addition of this citrus fruit. If you've never had orange chocolate before, be prepared to be delighted with this delicious flavor combo.  

Here's the recipe: 


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