WATCH: These Are Easy Strawberry Dessert Recipes You Should Try

What makes a strawberry dessert so tempting and delicious? We think it's the vibrant red color of each berry that lures us in to give it a taste. It could also be the succulent texture or the tangy-sweet flavor combo that makes the fruit so appealing. 

Whatever is the lure for you to these red berries, the strawberry is a distinctive flavor that makes dessert extra special. It's especially attractive when a favorite dessert is flavored with its irresistible taste and alluring scent. 

We really do believe these desserts made with strawberries are simply irresistible! Choose a simple leche flan, decadent and rich popsicle, or tender sandwich cookies to satisfy your strawberry craving. You'll find the full recipes for each of these here: 

If you still can't get your strawberry craving fulfilled with these desserts, try any of these desserts that you can have delivered to your doorstep pronto! 


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