How To Know If Your Baking Pan Is The Right Size

This simple measurement can make your cake layers even every time.

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Math may not be everyone's favorite subject but as a baker as well as a cook, math has some importance in the kitchen. After all, you need to know that 1/2 cup and 1/4 cup makes 3/4 cup so you can use the right tools to measure your all-purpose flour accurately. 

Ingredients aren't the only things that needs to measured. The cake batter that you just made needs to be measured too, especially if you're making a layer cake. If you aren't using a weighing scale yet when you're baking, how do you know exactly how much batter is in each cake pan? 

Normally, every cake recipe should have a cake pan size indicated in the recipe directions so you can prepare this prior to starting your recipe. However, what happens if you do not have the same size cake baking pan? 

What size cake pans do you have in your kitchen?
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This actually happens more often than you think. Baking pans in the market come in many shapes, sizes, and volumes! If you happen to have a pan that's not the right size baking pan, how do you know which of the baking pans you do have is about the right size? 

If you know that your 8-inch round baking pan can hold around 6 cups of batter, the recipe you're making should be able to hold as much or less than that same amount of batter. This ensures that when you bake your cake in a different sized pan, the cake batter will bake as evenly as the recipe indicates.  

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How do you know how much batter your baking pan can hold? You can try doing the math and it would be a more exact equivalent. However, for those of you who prefer less math, you can do this instead: use water and a measuring cup or jug. Here's how you do it: 

  1. 1. Fill a 1 cup measure with water. 
  2. 2. Pour this into the cake pan.
  3. 3. Repeat until the cake pan is full. 

Knowing your cake pan's size and how much batter it can hold can mean the difference between even and uneven cake layers. By using this quick measuring tip, you now know that your 6-inch round baking pan holds around 3 3/4 cups cake batter and that your  8-inch round cake pan can hold 6 cups. You can divide your batter evenly between your two cake pans and bake more even cake layers from now on. 



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