How To Turn A Cake Into A Cupcake Recipe

Make mini versions of your favorite cake!

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Do you have an awesome cake recipe you want to give away to friends? Are you unsatisfied with the current cupcake recipes you have? Well, it's quite easy to turn your cake into cupcakes! With this trick, you can make almost any cake into a delicious, adorable, and compact cupcake that you can give away.

Cakes and cupcakes are made of the same thing. Follow the same procedure as you would for making cupcakes except for these few tweaks:

1 Reduce the cooking time.

When changing from a big pan to smaller cupcake pans, the most important change is to your cooking time. You'll want to reduce the time and start checking for doneness at 15 minutes. If it's still not baked through, let it keep baking in 5-minute intervals, which can go for as long as 25 minutes depending on the recipe. If you're making small chocolate lava cakes, that will typically go for 8 to 12 minutes. You typically don't need to change the temperature, however...


2 You can toggle your temperature.

Depending on whether you want a flat or domed top on your cupcake, you can toggle the temperature. First, this depends on your original cake recipe. You can apply this if your recipe requires a temperature ranging from 300 to 375 degrees F (150 to 190 degrees C).

Toggling the temperature will also come in handy depending on how you want your icing to look or if you like the crispy edges of a flat-top cupcake. In an oven at 300 to 325 degrees F (150 to 163 degrees C) will typically yield a flat-top cupcake and to get that pretty dome, you'll want to bake at 350 to 375 degrees F (177 degrees 190 C).

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If your original recipe requires a lower or higher temperature than 300 to 375 degrees F (150 to 190 degrees C), then you need to stick to the original temperatures asked. Molten lava cake, for example, typically goes for 400 degrees F (204 degrees C) for a shorter time than usual so that it cooks the outside much faster than the inside of a cake. The high heat gives the lava cake it's trademark gooey center.


3 Scale the recipe accordingly.

A typical 9-inch round cake recipe batter will yield a dozen 3-ounce cupcakes. With every layer, you get another dozen of cupcakes. Keep that in mind when scaling your recipe.

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4 Rethink the icing and fillings.

The best icing for your cupcake recipe is a good, thick frosting that pipes well. If you have a glossy icing that's meant to be applied thinly, it might be better as a filling instead.


To fill a cupcake, first, let it cool down. Then, insert a knife at a 45-degree angle an inch from the edge. Cut a circle, maintaining the angle of the knife until you can extract a cone-shaped piece of cake. Trim the tip to get a thin, coin-shaped cake and set aside. Fill the space with your filing with a spoon or piping bag. Cover the filling with the trimmed piece of cake. Then, cover it with more icing!

5 Soak your chiffon cake.

Are you making a sponge cake? You might want to add a soak to your cake. A soak is any syrup, milk, or juice that you brush on the cake to keep it moist for longer. Sponge cakes, when in cupcake form, will tend to dry out faster.

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6 Choose the right liner.

The typical cupcake paper liner will do most of the time, and you get to choose from dozens of designs. Pick one that will contrast with your cake and icing or one that will suit your event. If you want to be eco-friendly, you can use heat-resistant, reusable silicone molds.

Meringue-based desserts, like Brazo de Mercedes cupcakes, will need a more stable liner. Look for a stable foil liner or use a carton liner. You can also use foil liners if you want a liner that peels easier and if you don't have or need a cupcake tin.

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7 Set your cupcakes on a cooling rack to cool.

Letting your cupcakes cool in the cupcake tin after baking can peel off the liners. To avoid this, remove them from the cupcake tin while they're still hot. To do this, you can use two toothpicks, two skinny barbecue sticks, or two cake testers. Insert the two sticks between the cupcake tin and the liner, gently push against the cake, and then lift it out. Mishandling your cupcakes at this stage can also deform them so be gentle.

Now, you can make your show-stopping cake recipes into cupcake recipes that are great for giveaways, you're sure that everyone gets a personalized, perfect bite.


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