Here Are The Tips To Using An Oven Toaster vs. Traditional Oven

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There is a difference when using an oven toaster and a traditional oven. The oven toaster was originally just a small oven with fewer simpler functions. The oven toaster was meant to be the uncomplicated way of getting toast made every morning. A regular toaster or the pop-up toaster wasn't meant to toast anything thicker than a slice of a loaf of bread. 

Unlike the bigger cousin of the oven, there are some things you need to tweak when using an oven toaster instead of a full-sized oven or even the pop-up toaster.  

Here are all the smart tips that will make anything you cook in your oven toaster a success:  

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1 Preheating is faster.   

One of the best qualities of using an oven toaster is the fact that it is smaller than a traditional oven. Because of this size difference, the oven toaster will heat up faster and it can also run hotter than normal. This is the advantage of using an oven toaster: it's so small that it heats so much faster than a traditional love that you might not even need to preheat at all when doing a baking recipe.  

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2 Be vigilant with the heat. 

While an oven thermometer will be super useful in making sure you that you're not baking your dishes in an oven hotter than it should be, it can't stay. Since it's smaller, there's no room for that thermometer with the food you're baking in there too. What you'll have to do is gauge the heat yourself when toasting food in the oven toaster. Let the toaster's timer guide give you an idea of how much time you'll need to set it for. Since it heats up quickly, you can always add minutes to its baking time in a jiffy and save it from being served not perfectly. 

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3 Foil and parchment paper are your best friends. 

You'll find these two kitchen rolls will be your best friend when using the oven toaster. In fact, it should be your best friend for either oven. You'll love using the foil for lining the toaster tray as well as for blocking the heating element from burning the tops of your food if it gets too close to your food. Parchment paper can line your tray too but it can do much more too. It can cover and enclose your food, letting it gently steam in its own home of aromatic flavors. 

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4 You ca bake anything in an oven toaster.

Don't be afraid of using your oven toaster! One of the best ways of learning to use your oven toaster is to try toasting it in the appliance. While there are recipes for cookies, cupcakes, fish, and even full meals in the oven toaster, give any baked dish a chance to be baked in the oven toaster. After all, you will never know if it will work if you don't try and trying is the only way to find out if you can have a delicious meal that's cooked better in the oven toaster than on the stove.   

You can master your oven toaster with these tips! The oven toaster can be the essential kitchen appliance that makes your cooking and baking that much better. Make it a point to use the oven toaster more often just to make yourself more used to this unique appliance so you can be successful with every dish you cook and bake. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when you next use your oven toaster and you'll be using it with more confidence with every use. 




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