5 Different Kinds of Cake Pans + What They’re Used For

Here's your guide to basic baking pans.
different kinds of baking pans
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Baking pans used to be made from metal, whether it was aluminum, iron, or coated aluminum. Nowadays there are more kinds of baking pans that you can use that are specifically for certain kinds of cakes that make it easier to not only remove the cakes from the pans but also make the cake of your dreams. 

There is no need to become confused about the different kinds of baking pans! If you keep to the basic baking pans that are essential to baking recipes, you can’t go wrong. If you’re still curious about the different baking pans available to you in baking supply stores, you need to learn what the basic baking pans are, what the most common specialized baking pans are used for, and how to use them: 

1 Cake Pans 

baking pans metal
These basic cake pans are really all you need for most baking recipes.
Photo by Lazada

When you say “cake pans”, the immediate image that comes to mind has to be the round cake pans made of aluminum. This can be coated with a nonstick coating or exposed polished aluminum. These are the perfect kind of baking pan for any number of cake recipes and are standard. 


Cake pans such as these basic round cake pans will work for just about any cake recipe and come in various sizes. Plus, even the biggest cake pan is under P100 so you can’t go wrong with cake pans that you will find useful when the baking bug bites. 

Want to make cakes in other shapes, such as square or rectangular cakes instead? You can! These cake pans also come in square and rectangular in similarly affordable aluminum pans, too. 

BUY HERE: Ordinary Round Pans, 4×3 in., P34; 5×3 in., P40; 6×3 in., P45; 7×3 in., P50; 8×3 in., P55; 9×3 in., P60; 10×3 in., P65, Lazada

BUY HERE: Single Square Baking Pan Aluminum, starting at 4″x4″x2″ in. and up to 12″x12″x2″ in., starting P63.70, Lazada 

BUY HERE: Rectangular Pans, 9″x13″x2″ in., P199 and 7″X11″X2″, P145, Lazada

2 Springform pans 

baking pans springform pans with removeable bottom
Springform pans are specialized baking pans with removeable bottoms.
Photo by Lazada

These pans are also known as baking pans with removable bottoms. While there are some cake pans that literally have the bottoms cut out with a separate piece of metal to cover it, the springform pan is different from these since it is more secure than these. 


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The pan has a spring that secures as well as tightens the pan around the removable bottom. Since it’s got a spring, this makes it easier to remove the sides of the pan around the cake that is baked in it. This is why cheesecakes, no-bake desserts, and even some basic cakes are best baked in a pan that makes it easy to remove from the pan. 

However, this quality of the springform baking pan makes it hard to bake cake batters that are too liquid that can seep out of the bottom, such as some chocolate cake batters, carrot cake batters, and other batters that are thinner than your usual thick and spreadable batters. 

BUY HERE: 3 Pcs Set Non-stick Removable Base Cake Pans (18cm, 20cm, 22cm), P178.98, Lazada 

BUY HERE: Detachable Aluminum Round Cake Molder, sizes starting 2 inches, P46, up to 10 inches, P210, Lazada

3 Cupcake Pans 

cupcake pan baking pan
Cupcakes pans can come in 6 or 12 cups and can have a nonstick coating.
Photo by Lazada

One of the most common ways to hack a cake recipe is to make them into small individual mini cakes or better known as cupcakes. Hence, the existence of cupcake pans, also known as muffin pans. These can come as pans with as few as six cups or as many as 12 cups. These can be naked aluminum pans or can be coated with a nonstick coating. The nonstick coating makes it easy to make muffins whose batter can be placed directly into each cup without a cupcake liner. 


BUY HERE: Non Stick 6 Cups Muffin Bun Cupcake Pan (nonstick), P68.98, Lazada

BUY HERE: 6/12 Cupcake Muffin Baking Tray Baking Pan (nonstick), 6 cups, P59 and 12 cups, P99, Lazada

4 Loaf Pans 

loaf pan nonstick baking pan
This loaf pan can be used for baking pound cakes as well as bread.
Photo by Lazada

It’s not uncommon to see cakes that are not round or even square. Some are baked in long pans that are more commonly used for baking bread. That’s why these cake pans are called loaf pans. The most common kind of “cake” baked in loaf pans are also known as pound cakes. Pound cakes are cake batters that are denser than your usual light and fluffy cakes. It’s for this reason that pound cakes can be baked in loaf pans since these are commonly sliced like bread and glazed instead of frosted and decorated more elaborately.  

BUY HERE: HomeAce 25cm Loaf Pan (nonstick), P53.50, Lazada

BUY HERE: BTS Loaf Pans (aluminum), small 6X3X2.5 in., P31.36, medium 7X3X2.5 in., P34.40, and large 8X3X2.5 in., P37.24, Lazada

5 Bundt Pans

bundt pan with nonstick coating baking pan
This bundt cake is a tube pan with a decorative edge.
Photo by Lazada

bundt pan is a tube pan similar to what is used for angel food cake or sponge cake but has a more decorative shape. Instead of a plain flat surface, the bundt pan used in this giant chocolate lava cake has ridges, swirls, and designs embedded in the pan. This design makes the cake unique and impressive with minimal effort. These decorative ridges, etc however mean you have to ensure that the cake won’t stick to the pan as it bakes. This means knowing how to properly grease the pan

One thing before you add to cart, check that the size of the bundt pan is sufficient for your recipe. That’s because bundt pans, like cake pans, come in different sizes. There are bundt pans that can hold about 8 to 10 cups of batter but there are those that can hold as much as 12 cups of batter


BUY HERE: SLIQUE Bundt Form Baking Pan (nonstick), 27cm x 27cm x 9cm, P251.78, Lazada

BUY HERE: Linna Shop Bundt Cake Molding Pan, 24 cm, P139, Lazada

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