These Are All The Lasagna Recipes You Need For Any Celebration

These layered pasta dishes are carefully made to be delicious.

Lasagna are layered pasta dishes carefully made to be delicious. Chances are if you love pasta, the lasagna is the pasta dish you make when you have more time on your hands. This is one pasta dish that will not take mere minutes to make. 

These sheets of pasta need to be carefully constructed so each layer contains and can hold the meat sauce, the cheese, the white sauce, and pasta itself. There are four main parts of a lasagna: 

  1. 1 pasta 
  2. 2 tomato meat sauce 
  3. 3 bechamel white sauce  
  4. 4 cheese 

You can opt-out of making the creamy white sauce but it’s an essential part of what makes the lasagna such an appetizing dish. That creamy layer is such a great contrast in both flavor and texture from the tangy meat sauce that it will be missed. 

If you’re convinced that making a proper lasagna is the only way to go, here are recipes you need this Christmas and for all kinds of celebration: 

Photo by Riell Santos

1 Meaty Lasagna Recipe 

When a classic lasagna is what you’re looking for, the meatiness version with a layer of that creamy white sauce is one that comes to mind. This recipe delivers on both points, plus, it’s delicious to boot. This has all four components that make up a great lasagna. 


2 Three Cheese Lasagna Recipe 

If the cheese is the main attraction for you in the lasagna, this lasagna that already has three kinds of cheese in the sauce will be your dream recipe. You can opt to add even more cheese so you get the real experience of the gooeyness and creaminess that different kinds of cheese can offer. 

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

3 One-Pan Lasagna Recipe 

Anyone who dreaded doing the dishes after cooking up a storm in the kitchen will be relieved to know that there is a way to make lasagna without busting out all their cookware to make the dish. There are many one-pot or one-pan recipes that can minimize washing. 


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This is one such recipe and it creates a delicious lasagna that you can fool people into thinking that you spent more time and effort in creating.  

4 Cheesy Sausage and Vegetable Lasagna Recipe 

Did you know that you can hack the meaty sauce? You can even hack the pasta sheets by using alternative ingredients to make the layers. In this recipe, both techniques are used to make this unique lasagna. Sausage meat is pushed out from its casings and used in place of the unseasoned ground meat. You can even use corned beef as a super delicious addition to the unseasoned ground meat if you don’t have sausage meat to use.  

For the sheets, it’s not completely substituted but instead bolstered by vegetables. You get a boost in flavor from the sausages and even more nutrition from the additional vegetables. How’s that for a win-win lasagna recipe?      


5 Meatless Lasagna Recipe 

Meat isn’t a requirement when you can make lasagna that’s this flavorful! The meat isn’t missed when you know how to treat meaty ingredients so that it mimics meat. Here, mushrooms are the main ingredient that helps you rethink your need for meat. You not only get a lasagna that’s delicious but if you’re looking for an excuse to eat better, this is a flavorful way of doing it.  

Photo by Patrick Martires

6 Chicken Bolognese Lasagna Recipe 

You can swap out the meat of your lasagna pasta sauce for another kind of meat. If you are a fan of chicken, this lasagna is going to be your new favorite dish. The biggest difference between this lasagna and other lasagna is the meat that’s used to make the sauce. Chicken is just as flavorful as ground pork and beef since it’s treated just like those meats. Let the flavors of your favorite pasta sauce infuse the ground chicken, and you’ll benefit from an equally delicious lasagna with less fat. 

7 Lasagna Verde Recipe 

Also known as a spinach lasagna, this meaty pasta hides layers of a creamy spinach filling. You can even make lasagna roll-ups where the spinach filling is rolled up in the lasagna sheets instead of being layered. This is a great alternative to cannelloni pasta which are large cylindrical shells that are hard to find. These shells are treated just like lasagna, but instead of sheets of pasta layers, these are filled with the filling and laid out in the baking dish side-by-side. These rolls are then covered in the white sauce and then topped with cheese just like a lasagna.  



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