How To Make Leche Flan Using Flavored Milk

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Leche flan is a decadent, rich, and silky dessert. It only takes 3 ingredients to make this addicting dessert: milk, eggs, and sugar. Two kinds of milk-condensed milk and evaporated milk- make it especially delicious. It's so delicious that you can probably eat an entire llanera yourself if you didn't have any restraint. (We don't blame you.)



But did you know you can make the leche flan even more delicious? The hack is simple and doesn't take anything away from the decadent texture and flavor of the leche flan you already know and love. In fact, the substitution is so subtle that while you minimize one ingredient, you replace it with an ingredient that's even more flavorful than the original.


The substitute? Flavored milk for some of the evaporated milk. Take your pick: chocolate milk, strawberry milk, banana milk, melon milk, or even almond or rice milk. Whichever type of milk you choose, the switch can be as subtle as you want or more potent in flavor with the addition of the appropriate extract.





Here's how to do it: Measure your leche flan ingredients but replace 1 cup of the evaporated milk with your choice of flavored milk. Stir in any extract or coloring if using for a more pronounced flavor. Then prepare the llaneras and leche flan batter and steam (or bake!) as usual.


Try it and find out if the substitute is something you want to try again with another flavor of your choice. 





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