WATCH: This Mango Leche Flan Cake Is Easier To Make Than You Think

The sweet, and tart mango-flavored cake complements the creamy, decadent leche flan.

If you only have an hour to make one show-stopping cake, make this mango leche flan cake. The soft, fluffy, and moist chiffon cake bursts with mango flavor and the delicious, creamy, leche flan serve as the no-fuss icing. Make the batter in a few minutes, cover it with foil, and set your kitchen timer. For something so delicious, it's shockingly easy to make.

By using mango puree, this recipe doesn't rely on whether mangoes are in season or not. They will always be perfectly sweet for your cake. 

Look at that delicious slice of cake with the perfect leche flan topping!
Photo by Zoe Del Rosario

Find our full recipe here: 

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We have other leche flan cake variations you can try. You can have chocolate leche flan cake, ube leche flan cake, coffee leche flan cake, or maybe just a classic, plain leche flan cake.


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