Avoid These Mistakes You Make When Making No-Cook Desserts

No-bake desserts have to be some of the easiest dessert recipes to make! Some of our favorite desserts do not require any baking and we know you enjoy making them as you do eating it. 

Whether you're making a fruit salad, cathedral windows, or a  no-bake cheesecake, here are the mistakes you need to not do so your dessert will be successful: 

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1 You didn't boil the gulaman

Gulaman and gelatin are two very different ingredients that yield the same results. That's why it's important to treat these two ingredients differently. When it comes to gulaman, this seaweed-extracted substance needs to be boiled to activate its gelatinating properties. Those who don't allow the gulaman to boil properly will discover that their desserts turn to mush or even, not even set at all. There's another mistake you may be making and it's next. 

Steaming and boiling are two methods of cooking you can easily do.
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2 You used hot water instead of cold for gelatin.

If you're using gelatin, you need to use hot water (not boiling water) when dissolving this into a liquid. However, gulaman needs to be dissolved or soaked in cold water. This difference can mean the gulaman gelatinizing before you can even use it or the gelatin not dissolving at all in the cold liquid. 

There is a fix if you're using gelatin and accidentally used cold water: you bloomed your gelatin. Since you bloomed your gelatin, you can add it to a hot mixture and it will still do its job. Gulaman added to hot water, on the other hand, cannot be saved and you'll need to use a new pack. 


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3 You didn't let it cool. 

You don't use an oven it comes to no-bake desserts, so many times, there is no need to allow anything to cool off. Cooling racks, however, are not just for baked goods! There will be times when you will need that cooling rack when making a no-bake dessert.

Gulaman and gelatin, in particular, both need to be cooled down before using in the next step of the dessert process. The same goes for the homemade ice cream base. When you don't let it cool, you run the risk of working with a liquid rather than a solid mixture. This can mean disaster when you're working with whipped cream, butter, and other chilled ingredients that can melt. 

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4 You didn't let it chill or set. 

Another sin you may be committing is related to impatience: you didn't chill the cream or you didn't let it chill enough. You may not have let the gelatin set enough before adding that second layer or slicing it, resulting in a gloppy mess that when it does finally set, will be malformed and no longer as presentable as you wanted it to be. 

The lesson here is clear: no-bake desserts, while easy to make and don't require an oven, do need time to do its thing. In the case of cream, gelatin, or gulaman, you have to exhibit some patience and either chill the dessert before moving forward or allow the gelatin and gulaman set completely before doing the next step. The results of your patience will be well rewarded so restrain yourself and you'll definitely benefit when you finally see the finished product. 


Photo by Patrick Martires

5 You didn't drain the fruits well. 

One of the biggest enemies of no-bake desserts, especially the refrigerator cakes, is liquid. When you use canned fruits and other ingredients that are soaked in syrup, draining these ingredients is what you need to do overnight.

You read that right: overnight. Overnight draining is essential to remove any excess liquid. When you don't, the liquid that the fruits absorbed will leak out and eventually, make your refrigerator cake soggy when it shouldn't be. 


There are many ways to make a no-bake dessert. Make sure you take note of any mistakes you might make before you start so you can proceed with the recipe with confidence and have a perfectly made no-bake dessert waiting for you at the end.    


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