Here’s How You Can Make The Best Refrigerator Cake

Easy peasy!

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Icebox and refrigerator freezer cakes are one of the easiest desserts to make. It doesn’t require ovens, it’s easy to put together, and each of these cakes are delicious. Plus, you can mix in whatever you have on hand that you love as long as you have 3 basic ingredients in your pantry: cream, graham crackers (or any cookie will work, too), and sugar. The most basic freezer cake is really just sweetened whipped cream between layers of graham crackers that’s been chilled until firm.  

And yes. It really is that simple. Inspired to get creative?


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Here are the tips you need to make the best refrigerator cake:


1 Drain well.

Any ingredient that’s stored in a syrup—fruit cocktail, maraschino cherries, peaches, Mandarin oranges, pineapples—should be drained very well. If you have time, drain overnight. This is to prevent your cake from becoming a soggy glop when it’s time to serve.



2 Keep it cool.

The bowl and the cream especially should be well-chilled before getting started. This is so that the cream will be easier to whip to soft and stiff peaks, the cream stays cold, and your refrigerator cake stays intact.


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3 Use ready-made ingredients creatively.

There’s no shame in using ready-made ingredients. In fact, feel free to use them as often as possible to lessen the stress of having to create something from scratch every time. No cream? Use instant pudding! No cookies? Grab a cereal box! As long as you have stock of your favorite premade snacks, you can make a refrigerator cake with the flavors you love.


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4 Use seasonal fresh fruits.

Cream and fruits go well together, so take advantage and use your favorite fruits that are in season to get the best flavors.


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5 Eat and share.

Refrigerators are notoriously drying so to enjoy your refrigerator cake at its best, eat it with family and friends to ensure that it’s as fresh as you made it.



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