These No-Cook Chocolate Balls Are Perfect To Give Away This Valentine's

These are the perfect gift idea!

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Valentine's Day is notorious for being the day when everyone indulges in chocolate and dessert. While flowers are also part of the package when you're on dates, chocolates will always be the way to someone's heart if they love to eat. If you love chocolate, then you know that flowers just aren't enough! 

Chocolate truffle recipes are actually pretty easy to make. However, it's a temperamental procedure and if you don't work fast while it's cold, it can be more hassle than it's worth. 

If you're worried your truffles won't make the cut and fear it won't be worth giving away, why not try these no-cook chocolate ball recipes that look like truffles but are different in their own way.

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1 No-Cook Cookie Dough Truffles Recipe  


Cookie dough is delicious! If you have ever been tempted to eat the cookie dough before it's baked, there is a recipe that is edible and totally safe! This edible cookie dough recipe is the perfect chocolate chip dough to make into these no-cook chocolate-covered balls. 

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2 No-Cook Milo Pastillas Recipe 


These aren't exactly balls but you can certainly form these into balls before rolling in the Milo chocolate powder! No-cook pastillas are a classic Filipino candy so you can level up your version using Milo. It's not as intense with the chocolate but it gives you that delicious creamy and milky taste that you look for when eating these milky confections. 

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May 30, 2016

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

3 No-Cook Cake Balls Recipe 


For this recipe, you don't even have to melt any chocolate! These cake balls are held together by the sticky sweet corn syrup, making these not only easy to make, there is absolutely no heat involved to make these cake bites. What makes these personalized, use your favorite sprinkles, high-quality cocoa powder, or your favorite chocolate cake recipe if you're feeling industrious. Just remember to keep these chilled to keep their form. 

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4 No-Cook Brownie Balls Recipe 


If you're not a fan of cake balls, maybe you just haven't tried brownie balls. Brownies taste much more chocolatey and with its naturally gooey, fudgy texture, you know that each ball is going to be just as gooey and fudgy in texture when you bite into these. Use your favorite brownie recipe for this recipe or use store-bought brownies for a truly no-cook and no-bake version that will wow anyone who tastes one. 

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5 No-Cook Peanut Butter Balls Recipe 


Are you a fan of peanut butter, chocolate, and marshmallows? Then you will adore these balls that combine those three dessert ingredients into one delicious chocolate-covered bite! You will need to use your hands to make these since you need to stuff each one with a marshmallow but the end result is a truly decadent one. 

You can even make a version of these using chia seeds, honey, coconut, oats, nuts, and instead of coating these in melted chocolate, you just roll them after heating them up for a healthy take on peanut butter balls. 

These no-cook recipes should help you keep your spending to a minimum whenever you need something to gift to someone special on their special day or special occasions. After all, it's more heartfelt and appreciated when the gift you're giving is made with your hands and with love thrown in for good measure. 



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