This Is The Easy Ingredient Swap To Make The Softest Pancake Ever

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Are you making pancakes from a pancake mix or have you leveled up your cooking and started to make these from scratch? We hope you have at least tried to make pancakes from scratch! It's a useful skill, knowing how to make pancakes using either a pancake mix and a homemade pancake from the base ingredients. 

The base ingredients of a pancake batter are quite simple and easy to get: flour, milk or water, an egg, melted butter or oil, baking powder, and some salt and sugar for flavor. If you bake and have baking supplies, you probably have all of these ingredients in your kitchen and can easily put these together in minutes! 

We think however that there is a tweak that you need to do to the most basic recipe that can deliver an astounding result. This simple substitute can mean the difference between a super-soft and delicate pancake of your breakfast dreams and a regular pancake. 


Here's what we suggest you do: 

Use cake flour. 

To be more accurate, the best ratio is to use half cake flour and half all-purpose flour. That's because cake flour is finer in texture and is made from soft wheat that has less gluten in it, resulting in a pancake that is much softer than one made from all-purpose or bread flour. It's one of the main reasons why cakes made with cake flour are so soft and delicate.

You might be wondering, why use any all-purpose at all if soft pancakes are the goal. You can certainly make a pancake batter using all cake flour to create the most tender pancake in your life, but we also think that the batter could use a little structure. A pancake can be too soft. That's why the all-purpose flour is there. 

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Try this easy hack on the pancake mix! Here are pancakes recipes we think you should try: 


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