The Classic Pinoy Egg Pie Is Actually One Big Baking Lesson

Master these baking techniques to make a pefect Pinoy egg pie.

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The classic Pinoy-style egg pie, which has a lightly sweet and thick (or “siksik”) custard sitting on a flaky basic pie crust, is a merienda and dessert favorite among many Filipino households that will never go out of style. The dessert sounds pretty simple, right? But for beginner bakers, there are a few technical baking techniques that need to be done right. Worry not—here is a guide to walk you through a few important steps. These baking tips will help you achieve your best homemade Pinoy egg pie yet!


A slice of egg pie is perfect for an afternoon snack!


1  It all starts with a good crust.

When it comes to making this pie crust, always use cold butter. Use a pastry mixer if you have one on hand, but a hand mixer will also do the trick. Having streaks of butter in your dough is good—this means that the crust will bake into a sturdy, flaky one. Don’t skip the step of letting your dough rest in the refrigerator before rolling it out: this gives time for the butter in the dough to harden and for the gluten in the dough to rest.

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2  Learn how to scald milk and temper eggs.

To scald your milk means to heat it to a temperature just before boiling. Scalded milk is also essential for tempering egg yolks, where hot milk is slowly whisked into egg yolks to incorporate them seamlessly into custard or pastry creams. This Pinoy custard egg pie requires you to temper eggs to prevent the eggs from scrambling—this means that you need to slowly introduce the eggs to a hot liquid, in this case, milk, before adding them to a hot pan.


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3  Use gentle folding motions.

Folding is a gentle baking technique commonly used when combining light ingredients like egg whites with heavy ingredients (in this case, the egg custard). It is different from mixing or stirring, which requires a more vigorous action. Watch a video tutorial on how to fold here



When making a Pinoy egg pie, do not fold the egg whites completely into the mixture—just a few folds will do to lighten up the batter, and the rest should stay afloat on top of the custard. Why? The egg whites on top will give the egg pie its characteristic browned top.


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