This Is The Baking Trick You Should Use To Prevent Your Cake Top From Burning

You can use this neat tip for your roasts, too.

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Have you ever baked a cake and ended up with cake tops that were too brown or even burnt before the cake was baked through? 

One of the reasons that your cake tops are browning way too fast may be your temperature or your oven. Here are a few questions you need to answer: 

Are you baking at the right temperature? Check your oven thermostat. Better, yet, are you using an oven thermometer to ensure that your oven is heated to the right temperature?

If you are and the tops of your cakes remain burnt on top, could it be that your oven is too small for the size of your cake? If you're using a countertop oven or toaster oven, your heating element may be too close to your cake and that's why it's browning faster than it should. One way to fix this is to lower your oven rack to a lower rung so the top is further away from the heat. 


However, if you can't lower your rack, there is another simple way to prevent those cake and cupcake tops from browning too fast or even burning before it's baked through. 

The trick? Use a piece of foil. 

The most simple way to use it is to just insert a layer of foil between the cake and the heating element on top. This is a great tip to use if the top of your cake is already firm and won't' stick to the foil you will place on top as it rises. 

Another way to use the foil that will prevent it from touching the top of your cake is to make a foil tent. To make a foil tent, simply roll the foil to create a cone so the foil won't come into contact with the cake top. 

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You can use this same method for roasts or anything you are baking in the oven that may be browning more than you want it to but still need some more time to cook through. 



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