6 No-Fail Quick Desserts You Can Bring To Any Party

These mouthwatering, show-stopping desserts only need an hour or less of prep time!

Desserts are always the highlight of any potluck or buffet spread at parties. One, it caps off a great meal. Two, it’s the last thing you tasted, so it’s often the most memorable part of the meal. 

Because of this, there’s always pressure to deliver really good desserts at potluck parties at Christmas parties. However, we have to be realistic. Who has the time to churn out an impressive and time-consuming dish?

Lucky for you, we have easy but extremely delicious recipes that take only an hour or less to prep!

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

1 No-Bake Orange Cake Recipe: 40 Minutes


Can you believe that this gorgeous, vibrant, bright orange cake can be made in a steamer? Not all impressive desserts have to come out of the oven! We can just imagine this orange-flavored cake standing out at the Christmas party!

This no-bake orange cake can be made in the steamer.

Photo by Riell Santos

2 Leche Flan Cake Recipe: 1 Hour + Cooling


This is the only recipe, in this whole list, that requires an oven—but boy, is it worth it! Everyone is sure to fall in love with this cake. It has all the goodness of leche flan without the “bitin” feeling.

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It's leche flan and a chiffon made into one delicious cake. It's the dessert mash-up all Pinoys will love!

Photo by Charlie Altomonte

3 Mango Float Freezer Cake Recipe: 20 Minutes +Freezing


What potluck party is complete without the classic mango float? There’s a good reason why this recipe is always present: it’s guaranteed satisfaction that only takes 20 minutes of prepping! It's that easy to put together before it needs to freeze for at least 3 hours or overnight. This is a sure winner.

This no-bake cake keeps well in both the freezer and in the refrigerator.

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

4 No-Bake Ube Cheesecake Recipe: 25 Minutes + Freezing


No-bake cheesecakes are really easy to make but the festive season deserves a little more pizzazz. Add your favorite ube halaya for a pop of color and a mellowing earthy flavor to the usual cheesecake so it's extra special. 

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Give your usual cheesecake some local flavor and a delightfully nutty crust.

Photo by Riell Santos

5 Banoffee Pie Recipe: 20 Minutes + Freezing

What’s great about bananas is that they’re delicious (and available) all year long! Make them into this delicious pie that’s actually really easy to make. The graham cracker crust is made in a jiffy and for the toffee, all you need is a jar of delicious dulce de leche. 


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Making banofee pie is so easy, it's bananas!

Photo by Karishma Etong

6 Tiramisu Recipe: 20 Minutes + Freezing

For something that tastes so expensive, this delicious, coffee-infused, silky dessert recipe is super doable! You can’t go wrong with this one. Plus, we show you how to hack a mascarpone-like filling that's just as delicious as the real thing.

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Get to enjoy this classy dessert we made easier to make with affordable, accessible ingredient substitutes!

Are you ready to impress? We've got your back. You're going to power through the holidays with these delicious recipes effortlessly.



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The great graham cracker needs a trophy for versatility!

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Bring the potluck's main event without breaking your budget.

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Bookmark this list for all the sweet treats you need to have at your next celebration.

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