4 Ways Your Toaster Oven Is Better Than Your Regular Oven

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The oven toaster is the handy mini kitchen appliance that you use when you need to toast pandesal or a bun in the morning. It gets more use if you know how to bake with it! However, apart from learning how to use it for baking small batches of your favorite baked goods, it can prove to be useful in other ways, too. In fact, it does a few tasks better than a regular oven would just because of its size, speed of heating, and it fits right on the kitchen counter. 

Here are a few tasks where the toaster oven excels:          

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1 Toast bread, nuts, and breadcrumbs faster.  

The toaster oven does what it's supposed to do quickly and better than in an oven for sure! Where you would need to add minutes to the preheating time just to get a regular-sized oven to temperature, the toaster oven is already done toasting the pandesal

It doesn't just toast pandesal and slices of bread well either. If you need fresh breadcrumbs turned into dry breadcrumbs and when you need to toast a handful of nuts before adding it to your cookie dough, try it in the toaster oven instead of the stove. It involves little maintenance as it does its thing so all you have to do is give it a shake every now and then instead of hovering over the pan for an even toast.  

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2 Reheats fried food quickly and easily. 

You should have an easy breaded pork chop recipe like this one handy for everyday meals, but whenever you cook more than enough food for you to eat, leftovers are life-saving meals that you can prepare in minutes! 

This is where the toaster oven excels! Without needing to reheat oil or the big oven, the toaster oven heats quickly and more efficiently in less time. When hunger strikes, place your fried food in the tray and let it do the reheating instead.    

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3 Broil food. 

Frozen, ready-to-eat food that just needs to be reheated are some of the best ways of preparing food with less hassle during the busy weekdays. Lasagna, baked mac, and baked rice meals are fantastic for this purpose! You can make and assemble these dishes into smaller containers and then instead of baking it now you can cover and freeze these for a later date. 

When you're ready, these just need to be thawed, reheated, and broiled in the toaster oven. Yes, broiled which the toaster oven can do well since the heating element is low enough to be close to the food. You can even bake a potato, brown the mozzarella cheese on your lasagna, or char the tops of your inutak for that distinct charred flavor. 

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4 Bake just 2 cookies instead of an entire batch.

Do you really need to bake all of those cookie dough balls right now or do you want to save some for tomorrow or even next week? We can't hold you back if you want to consume an entire batch right now, but you can satisfy your cookie cravings easier and faster if you have some stashed away. All you have do is heat up the toaster oven instead of the full-sized one and bake just two (or three) cookies at a time. Frozen cookie dough stores well so as long as you have cookie dough, you can have cookies.  



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