This Tiny Addition To Chocolate Desserts Makes It Even More Delicious

This spice can elevate the flavors of your chocolate dessert.

IMAGE Patrick Martires | Prop Styling by Trinka Gonzales

Chocolate is always a crowd favorite. There is no doubt that when it comes to flavors of desserts, chocolate is one of the top picks. It's not surprising: chocolate is a delicious flavor which marries bitter, sweet, and creamy flavors all in one delicious bite that literally melts in your mouth.

Plus, chocolate paired with other flavors make it better, too. Who can resist anything slathered with a layer of a chocolate-hazelnut spread? Or an ice cream sundae with chocolate, bananas, and strawberries? While it's less common, chocolate savory dishes are quite appetizing as well. 

There is one flavor that we think you should use more with chocolate: cinnamon. Cinnamon is also a warm, earthy flavor that tempers what little kick it has. While it's more common to find it alone as a flavor in many desserts, you should try it with chocolate. Both flavors have warm, earthy notes that complement each other. Cinnamon has a different aroma profile than chocolate. It's a spice so it is detectable against the powerful cocoa powder scent which can otherwise mask other aromas.

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice taken from the bark of a tree.
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So, yes! Chocolate and cinnamon are absolutely delicious together and if you're curious how these two similar yet different flavors taste together, you only have to look at these recipes: 

These cinnamon buns are made even more delectable with the addition of chocolate into the filling. Yum!
Photo by Patrick Martires | Prop Styling by Trinka Gonzales

Sticky Chocolate-Cinnamon Buns Recipe

How can you resist cinnamon buns? How about those same cinnamon buns with shards of bittersweet chocolate added in for good measure? We bet those pools of chocolate melting with the cinnamon sugar will be irresistible!    

This hot chocolate hides a delicious and aromatic flavor: cinnamon!
Photo by Kai Huang| Styling by Erika Tangtatco

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream Recipe 

When you want to drink your chocolate instead of eating it, hot chocolate is the perfect beverage to indulge your chocolate fix. Elevate that drinking experience with a hot chocolate drink that's spiced with a little cinnamon and if you want to be even more extra, top it off with a sweet and milky dollop for a special drink that will keep you warm through any cold night. 


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The chocolate fudge sauce on this sundae is spiked with a little aromatic cinnamon spice.
Photo by Dairy Darilag

Chocolate-Cinnamon Fudge Sauce Recipe

An ice cream sundae isn't complete when it isn't swamped under all the toppings you love! While you can certainly go ahead and pile it on, how about a little twist on the usual chocolate fudge sauce you usually drizzle on and try this aromatic spiked version? It's your usual chocolate fudge sundae with a dash of that aromatic spice: cinnamon. 

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If you're truly curious to try this flavor combo, try it out and add it in with your favorite chocolate desserts to discover exactly how this warm and comforting spice can envelop all things chocolate and elevate a humdrum dessert into an aromatic flavor concoction. 

Want more cinnamon desserts? Try these: 


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