Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Cookie Baking

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'Tis the season of giving! Skip the shopping mall crowds and bake your own holiday giveaways. Nothing beats homemade! Here are the best tips to get you through the holiday cookie baking rush without breaking a sweat. 


1  Freeze ahead.

Make your dough now, around early November, before December festivities catch up with you. Keep your cookie dough in an airtight container in the freezer where it will keep for at least three months. Then, bring it out for baking when the time comes to prepare your holiday gifts.



2  Work in batches.

If you are working with dough that needs to be rolled out, like gingerbread or sugar cookies, work in batches. Split the dough in half, roll one batch out and go through the baking process. While all of this is happening, your other half should be in the refrigerator where it can stay firm until you are ready to roll it out.  



3  Be efficient.

Parchment paper is a necessity when baking cookies. It prevents them from burning and allows you to clean up much quicker. There is nothing more precious than time, so save all the precious minutes while you can! 



4  Work smart.

Dip your cookies into thin royal icing instead of meticulously piping and flooding with icing tips.



5  Keep it clean.

If you do choose to line and flood cookies with royal icing, prevent clogged up tips by keeping a toothpick inserted at the tip until you are ready to ice your cookies.


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