Different Ways To Enjoy Tiramisu

Here's proof that a tiramisu can be made better.

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Tiramisu can be a super easy recipe! All you need is some broas or ladyfingers dunked in coffee and sweetened whipped cream cheese. It's a matter of placing these into a delicate layer to create a refrigerator cake. 

It's the cost and availability of these ingredients that make it hard to make but there are ways to enjoy it even if you don't have the right ingredients. Here are different ways to enjoy a tiramisu that you might not have thought to try: 

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1 Make tiramisu in cups. 

There's no set container that you need to make tiramisu in so when you're feeling selfish and don't want to share, make tiramisu in individual cups instead of in a larger container.  

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Feb 19, 2016

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2 Add strawberries.  

Strawberries and cream are a delicious combination, so it's a delightful flavor when you find it together in a dessert. For this tiramisu recipe, the softened broas form the base of the cake before the flavored whipped cream cheese is spread on top. Top with fresh strawberries for that instant pop of color that tells you exactly what flavor you'll be tasting.      


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3 Stir in white chocolate and nuts. 

Coffee and chocolate create a delicious mocha flavor, but milky, white chocolate is also just as delicious paired with the bitter bean, too! This is what makes this tiramisu so different! Instead of the dark cocoa powder, the white chocolate shavings on top allow the coffee to be the dominant flavor in this refrigerator cake. Plus, to give it a little textural contrast, creamy cashews are blended into the cream cheese.    


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4 Make a tiramisu crepe cake.  

Crepes are different from pancakes. It's thin and delicate without the pillowy puff that makes the pancake a cake. This more delicate nature is what makes this easy to layer into a towering confection made of numerous crepes and filled with your choice of filling. Just use a cream cheese filling between each crepe and dust with cocoa powder that signature look that all tiramisu have. 


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6 Make easy pancakes. 

Tiramisu pancakes are made with homemade coffee pancakes, a cream cheese whipped with cream to make it fluffier and lighter, dusted with cocoa powder, and served with a rum syrup. How can your day go wrong with a breakfast like this?




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