All The Mistakes You’re Making With Whipped Cream + What To Do

Are you still wondering what whipping cream is? If you are, you're probably one of the many people who still ask is this question: 

Can I use all-purpose cream as whipping cream?

The safest answer is "yes" and "no". It all depends on what you're going to use it for. There are times when all-purpose is a great substitute for whipping cream, and there are times when it's best you do not substitute it at all. 

If you're curious what other mistakes you've been doing with whipping cream, here are those mistakes and what you can do about it: 

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1 You do not use whipping cream completely chilled. 

Whipping cream is usually bought in the chilled section of your local supermarket, so it's best that when you use it, it should be chilled thoroughly, too. Warm whipping cream won't whip as much as cold whipping cream will. Plus, warm whipping cream can separate into butter and buttermilk without any help from you, leaving you with no other option but to buy another pack since these two ingredients will not recombine. 

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2 You didn't whip the whipping cream enough. 

Whether you're using an electric mixer or a whisk, it does take time to whip enough air in the cream to start it. Patience is key because once the air has stabilized in the cream, it can be whipped into soft peaks in a few more strokes. Keep an eye on the consistency so you don't accidentally over whip the cream beyond your desired consistency. 

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3 You didn't stop and check the cream as you whipped. 

One of the best reasons to whip cream by hand, and not use an electric mixer, is the control you have over it. Since it takes time to aerate the cream, your arm will probably get tired before you can over whip it. 

4 You whipped the whipping cream too much. 

Once you've achieved soft peaks, a few more strokes can take it from soft peaks to stiff peaks to overbeaten and clumpy. If you kept an eagle eye on the cream as you whipped, you may have noticed when it started to become stiffer and no longer soft. You will also notice when it becomes to clump, too. When this happens you should stop immediately, and do damage control.  

Cottage cheese has a clumpy texture, but it's delicious.

5 You didn't try to save the overwhipped cream. 

You over whipped the cream, and it's become slightly clump almost like cottage cheese. If you didn't completely whip the cream into butter and buttermilk, you can still save it, and we think you should since there's an easy fix to at least try. Add a little more whipping cream to the overbeaten mixture and then gently stir it in. If it doesn't or will not mix in well, it's time to scrap it and start anew. 

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6 You threw away overbeaten whipped cream. 

Whipping cream isn't cheap. That's why it's a shame to not use over beaten, unsalvagable whipped cream and create butter and buttermilk. These two ingredients are useful in many baking recipes. Plus, you might find that you love the taste of fresh butter and buttermilk over any you can find in stores. 

Take note of these when you see a recipe that uses whipping cream and you will avoid the dreaded mistakes that will cost you valuable time, effort, and money to make your dessert. 

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