WATCH: This Cake Is Covered In Layers of Creamy Yema

Thickened condensed milk makes this layer chiffon cake irresistible!

Yema is the childhood candy that many of us love! It is condensed milk thickened to a more solid consistency and formed into bite-sized pops of sweet, milky balls. 

If you loved it as a kid, you'll love this cake version: you get a deliciously soft and spongy chiffon cake covered in yema. It's really quite irresistible for anyone who loves anything yema. 

Here's the recipe! 

Glaze a chiffon cake with an all-time fave: yema frosting!

If you're craving more yema cake, here are more plus a few that don't even need an oven to make: 

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Glaze a cake with an all-time Filipino favorite: yema.

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Your fave childhood treat gets a sweet upgrade.

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You don't need an oven to make cake!

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