7 Yema Recipes You Need To Satisfy Your Cravings

Thickened condensed milk never tasted this good.

Yema, in its most basic form, is condensed milk thickened with egg yolks. It’s an excuse to eat the beloved condensed milk in a more solid form–the yema candy. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic for your childhood days of eating this simple yet luscious candy, here are all the recipes you need to satisfy every kind of yema craving: 





1 Yema Candy

If you have never tried to make yema from scratch before, it’s a good start to know how to create your favorite candy.


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Yema is a classic Filipino candy made with egg yolks, condensed milk, and butter.

These are made with the simplest ingredients: eggs and sugar. One piece is never enough.



2 Yema Cakes

Recreate the same flavors of yema in a cake: what you get is a dessert is a tender cake topped with a thickened yema spread. You can sprinkle it with grated cheese, too!



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Glaze a cake with an all-time Filipino favorite: yema.

Glaze a chiffon cake with an all-time fave: yema frosting!



3 Chocolate Yema Cakes

Chocolate and milk naturally go together, so it’s no wonder that this cake is the result of that dessert combo. The chocolate is stirred into the cake while a spreadable yema filling tops the cake, making it an extra rich and indulgent treat. 



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You don't need an oven to make cake!

These delectable cupcakes have a surprise for sweet-toothed: these have soft custard candy inside!



4 Salted Caramel Yema

If you’re thinking how yema could possibly be made even better, you’ve never had the salty and sweet combo in one treat. Each yema candy ball is coated in the salty caramel,  enhancing the richness and sweetness of the yema. 


Salted caramel flavors in your fave Filipino treat? Yes, please!




5 Yema Spread

Why stop at merely candy and baked desserts? This yema version is made spreadable so that you can eat it slathered on bread. It's perfect for spooning straight from the jar or spreading on bread whenever the craving hits. Best part is, it tastes just like the candy.


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Pair it with pandesal!




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