Yummy.ph’s Newbie’s Guide to Baking Cakes

Making a pretty cake should be a breeze, whether or not it's your birthday.


If you’ve always wanted to learn how to express yourself by way of cake, but don’t exactly know where to begin, look no further! We rounded up easy lessons, tips and tricks to help you make the showstopper cake of your dreams.

First thing’s first: Start with the cake


A tall, pretty cake is no good if the layers inside aren’t very tasty. Have a gander at a few basic cake recipes, as well as a handful of kitchen secrets on how to perfect baking basic cakes.

Easy Devil’s Food Cake 

Lemon Layer Cake with Whipped Cream 

Chocolate Tablea Cake 

15 Secrets to Baking The Best Cakes


Next Stop: Making frosting

Why bother making a cake if you’re not going to generously slather it in sweet, fluffy frosting? Learn how to make a variety of frostings and fillings for the perfect cake.

You Only Need Chocolate and Cream to Make The Ganache Frosting of Your Dreams

How to Make Vanilla Buttercream 

The Finer Details of Cake

Decorating cake is all about paying attention to the details. Whether it’s evenly slicing your layers of cake, or properly coating your work in frosting, it’s the little things that make the perfect cake.

Make sure you frost properly:

How to Slice Even Cake Layers


Decorate to your heart’s content

A great cake is only as good as it’s (very pretty) finishing touches. We've got a few tips:

An Easy Way to Decorate Cake 

3 Frosting-free Ways to Decorate Your Cake


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