6 Café Drinks You Can Make At Home

Yes, you can satisfy those café cravings in your very own kitchen or pantry.

6 Café Drinks You Can Make At Home

Many of us simply can’t go a day without coffee. A cup in the morning helps keep us alert and feeling productive, while one or two more throughout the day will help sustain this buzzy energy.

However, with the new normal turning our worlds (and sense of time) upside-down, it has become difficult to catch a break — even more so, a coffee break. Regular coffee runs aren’t an option, either, so we’ve had to go without our indulgent café drinks of choice.

If you’re craving the taste of your favorite café-style coffee, good news: You can make it yourself from the safety and comfort of your home using NESCAFÉ GOLD.

NESCAFÉ GOLD is made from golden-roasted Arabica beans — just like the ones cafés use — for that smooth taste and rich aroma. It makes for a great base for your coffee creations to suit any craving, mood, or occasion. Try these recipes today:

Yuan Yang Recipe

If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong, you may already be familiar with one of the country’s popular beverages, Yuan Yang. For the uninitiated, this drink is a blend of coffee and tea — and the only ticket you’ll need to escape from an exhausting day at home. Even better: you can opt to have this hot or cold!

Follow this recipe for Yuan Yuang, made with NESCAFÉ GOLD.

Flat White Recipe

For those who prefer their coffee a little milkier and creamier, try flat white. It is less foamy than a cappuccino but stronger than a latte — no wonder it’s one of the most popular café staples! Try making your version of flat white at home sans the complex equipment with this recipe.

Follow this recipe for Flat White, made with NESCAFÉ GOLD.

Mocha Frappe Recipe

Do you prefer your coffee to be on the sweeter side, with a hint of chocolate? Try making mocha frappe, an icy café favorite that blends that distinct bitter coffee taste with sweet, milky chocolate flavor. It’s perfect as a post-meal or mid-day treat — or whenever you need a pick-me-up, really!

Follow this recipe for Mocha Frappe, made with NESCAFÉ GOLD.

Viennese Coffee Recipe

Instantly transport yourself to the streets of Vienna, Austria with this indulgent coffee treat, which is also called an einspänner. Traditional Viennese coffee combines espresso with dollops of whipped cream and is served hot in a tall glass, but you can give your homemade version a refreshing twist by making it iced with a hint of vanilla and topped with chocolate powder.

Then, enjoy your creation just like how the coachmen of old Vienna had: by taking sips of the coffee through the cream, stirring optional.

Follow this recipe for Viennese Coffee, made with NESCAFÉ GOLD.

Americano Recipe

Start your day strong with a cup of classic Americano! This café staple lets the full-bodied flavor of the coffee shine through, and using NESCAFÉ GOLD gives it hints of citrus and chocolate notes. Enjoy it hot or iced along with a hearty breakfast, or just before settling yourself down for the day’s work.

Follow this recipe for Americano, made with NESCAFÉ GOLD.

Café Latte

Originally from Italy, this café favorite is both sweet and milky — ideal for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth. Make it iced or hot and pair it with your favorite dessert or merienda for an extra special treat!

Follow this recipe for Café Latte, made with NESCAFÉ GOLD.

Limited our access to coffee shops may be for now, but the possibilities of making premium coffee on our own are always limitless! Go ahead and recreate a café experience at home with NESCAFÉ GOLD.

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