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Learning how to cook has never been this convenient. Yummy.PH’s online cooking lessons are right at your fingertips, ready to lend you a helping hand with its vast collection of cooking tips and how-to guides.

Our cooking lessons cover all the topics you need to make your next dish, from start to finish! Whether you’re craving your favorite Filipino ulam dish or hankering for international cuisine, there’s a recipe roundup that is sure to feature the next dish you’ll make. You will also find helpful lists based on different meal types, so whether you’re looking for a recipe for meals or snacks, a curated selection of recipes ranging from beginner to expert level is all you need to find that specific recipe.

Yummy.PH can even be your kitchen rescue resource. We can offer ideas on how to save failed baked creations or transform it into a new and still delicious dessert. We even know what makes one ulam dish different from another and can show you how you can make that dish into another with one or two ingredient tweaks.

And if you’ve encountered a new ingredient or simply have too much of one, you can also find helpful tips on all the things you can do with your star ingredient. It can even be the exact opposite: we have lists of unique ingredients you have been itching to try but haven't been brave enough to buy until now. Plus, with our cooking tips that target ingredients, you can even find substitutes for ingredients you may not have right now but sorely need.

Yummy.PH’s Cooking section offers all these easy cooking tips and how-to guides that will make you time spent time in the kitchen a more delicious experience while turning you into a confident and adept chef in your own home, one cooking lesson at a time.