10 Different Ways to Enjoy Pork and Beans

Turn this ready-to-eat pantry staple into an ingredient for everyday dishes.
10 Different Ways to Enjoy Pork and Beans

There’s definitely more than one way to enjoy a can or a pack of pork and beans. Enjoying it solo is good, but adding it to a dish is even better. And here’s another reason to eat pork and beans: Beans are a natural source of fiber, which aids in digestion and helps maintain your body weight. Check out these 10 recipes made richer with pork and beans:


1. Taco in a Bag



Having a movie marathon at home? Upgrade that bag of corn chips with Hunt’s Chili Beef & Beans and some grated cheese. You can also use Hunt’s Pork BBQ & Beans or the original Hunt’s Pork & Beans.


2. Hunt’s Pork BBQ & Beans Wrap



For an afternoon snack, why not whip up a barbecue-flavored burrito? Aside from Hunt’s Pork BBQ & Beans, you can also use Hunt’s Chili Beef & Beans, or Hunt’s Pork & Beans.


3. Tasty Pizza



Bond with your kid while preparing a yummy merienda using this easy-to-prepare pizza recipe. Family time has never been this delicious!


4. Pork & Beans Omelette



Start your day with a breakfast favorite that consists of scrambled egg filled with bacon, bell pepper, and pork and beans.


5. Arroz à la Cubana



For tonight’s dinner, serve some Filipino-style Cuban rice topped with fried egg, banana, and ground beef simmered in Hunt’s Pork & Beans.


6. Bacon and Bean Croquettes



This breaded finger food stuffed with bacon and beans can be enjoyed as a snack or appetizer. Serve with a tangy mayo dip. 


7. Beef Caldereta



Surprise your family with this Pinoy dish with a twist! Add Hunt’s Pork & Beans to make the dish tastier and more flavorful.


8. Soy Chicken with Tender Beans




Take the orient express with this flavorful Chinese dish simmered in soy sauce and ginger, and made special with pork and beans. Whip it up in just 30 minutes!


9. Spicy Seafood & Beans Jambalaya



For this Caribbean dish, use fresh shrimp and clams, and spice it up with paprika, cumin, and cayenne pepper. Make it even better with some pork and beans.


10. Meaty Potato Pie



Ground beef, Hunt’s Pork & Beans, peas, and carrots topped with rich and creamy mashed potato and cheese can make a tasty and filling merienda or dinner meal. 



Adding Hunt’s Pork & Beans to a regular dish is an easy way to upgrade it. Each pack or can is made from high-quality great northern beans and real pork bits swimming in rich, thick, and sweet tomato sauce. For more pork and beans recipes, visit www.yummyhunts.com.




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