15 Ingredients You Didn't Know You Could Put In Your Macaroni Salad

Level up this all-time Pinoy favorite by adding some of these key components.

15 Ingredients You Didn't Know You Could Put In Your Macaroni Salad

It's the most wonderful time of the year to serve macaroni salad! You can't go wrong with the classic recipe made with Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise—which is also perfect for birthdays, picnics, or any big get-togethers—but if you want to make an extra special batch this year, try whipping up macaroni salad with some of these mix-ins. Replace some of the usual ingredients with these or add them, either way your fresh take will be a guaranteed new favorite.


For crunch and texture

Celery – Salty, aromatic, crunchy, and bright, this veggie can upgrade your macaroni salad's flavor profile in a snap.

Olives – For a more refined taste, add some chopped black or green olives.

Pimiento – Trade the usual bell peppers with some flavorful pimento.

Whole milk – If you want a thinner cream base, add ¾ cup of whole milk.


To add sweet flavors

Condensed milk – Instead of sugar, incorporate condensed milk into the mix for a creamier base.

Honey – For a healthier alternative, you can use raw honey.


To add tangy flavors 

Vinegar – Before mixing the cream and cooked macaroni, toss a bit of vinegar into the pasta, so every bite has a hint of zest.

Sour cream – Add some sour cream to your mayo base. Trust us, the combined flavors pack a potent punch.

Mustard – A dollop of mustard will give your macaroni salad a zesty kick.

Lemon juice – This versatile ingredient instantly enhances taste and always goes well with mayo-based dishes.

Pickle juice – Seems an awful waste to throw away this flavorful liquid, so why not use some to add some tangy punch to your dish?


To add umami flavors

Worcestershire sauce – A dash of this tasty sauce will give your recipe more complex flavors.

Garlic powder – Pinoys love the taste of garlic, so you can’t go wrong with a garlicky macaroni salad.


To add some heat

Hot sauce – Spice up your dish with a hint of heat. A dash of hot sauce is guaranteed to tickle the taste buds.

Togarashi – Liven up the senses by adding some chili—and a pop of color—to your recipe.      


With all these exciting, creative, and delicious new twists to your favorite classic macaroni salad, all sorts of celebrations will truly be extra special for you and your family. For quick and easy steps on how to create your special classic macaroni salad, click here.



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