2 Delicious Frozen Slushy Recipes Perfect For A Hot Day

Here are some creative ways to cool down this summer season.

2 Delicious Frozen Slushy Recipes Perfect For A Hot Day

What better way to deal with a really hot day than to make a delicious batch of slushy at home? Try out these refreshing recipes that are also great to pair with delicious snacks and grilled favorites.

Melon-Nata Slush

1 pack NESFRUTA Melon Litro pack

500 milliliter water

1 cup orange nata de coco


1 Combine NESFRUTA Melon and water in a bowl.

2 Mix until NESFRUTA is completely dissolved.

3 Stir-in nata de coco and transfer on a tightly sealed container.

4 Freeze for 2 hours then mix slush with a fork.

5 Put back in the freezer again and allow to semi set.

6 Mix slush again until icy crystals are formed. Serve immediately.

Strawberry-Dalandan Shake

1 cup fresh strawberries, washed and chopped, with the leaves removed

1 pack NESFRUTA Dalandan Litro Pack

2 cups water

2 cups shaved ice


1 Combine everything in a blender jar. 

2 Process until fully incorporated. Serve immediately.




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