For a Taste of Home, Enjoy These Filipino Dishes in Flight

Fight homesickness while you fly.


If you travel frequently, you've probably experienced missing home-cooked meals when you land or even while you're up in the air. Good thing Cebu Pacific came up with Pinoy favorites that can be enjoyed in flight. 

You can order a Spicy Bangus Sisig, which would be great for those long flights. Don't worry about it being too spicy! It has a nice blend of saltiness and zing. You can also try their savory Beef Tapa & Egg Burrito to start your day if you're in for an early trip.

Pre-order these in-flight meals for Cebu Pacific flights starting September 1, 2017 onwards. With pre-ordered meals, you can save more, get served first in flight, and make sure your preferred meal is available. Visit the Cebu Pacific website now.
Starting September 1, 2017, only pre-ordered CEB Meals and Fun Café snacks and drinks will be available in flight, so pre-order up to 24 hours before flight if you want to fill up!
This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Cebu Pacific.
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