Make Your Dinners Light and Easy-to-Make With These 20-Minute Fish Recipes

Easy fish fillet recipes are the stars of this 5-day meal plan!

The key to cooking dinners that are super quick, light, and fresh? Fish fillets! There are many readily-available options in the freezer sections of your groceries: all are packed and ready-to-cook after defrosting and seasoning. Local fish like bangus and tilapia are available all-year-round, and at affordable prices, too. 


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Fisher Supermarket in QC has the best seafood selection among the groceries in the metro.


You can pan-fry, poach, steam, deep-fry, and bake these fish fillets for variations of these recipes. Use this meal plan if you're trying to cut back on your red meat intake. We added up the cost per serving for each fish dish. 


1 Calamansi Fish Fillet

Cream dory fillets are cheap and cook in minutes. This fish fillet is the secret to quick and easy dinners!


Cost per serving: P59.95


Marinate your fish fillets in tangy calamansi juice!



2 Pan-Fried Sole Fillets

Looking for a fish that you can pair with rice, pasta, or bread? Pick up sole fillets in the grocery!


Cost per serving: P88.50


Serve this 15-minute fish recipe over steamed brown rice or al dente noodles.


3 Tilapia Strips

Frozen tilapia fillets are readily available in the freezer section of almost every main grocery,


Cost per serving: 58.00


The AA powder coating gives the tilapia a unique kind of crunch.


4 Poached Lapu-Lapu

When it comes to lapu-lapu, pick the freshest fish available on display, then politely ask the supermarket personnel to prep them into fillets for you.



Cost per serving: P93.75


In this dish, a savory broth of seaweed and smoked bonito flakes is used to flavor the lapu-lapu.


5 Bangus Salpicao

Swap out the usual beef tenderloin with bangus fillets for this take on salpicao.


Cost per serving: P55.75


Swap out beef tenderloin for a bangus fillet for a new take on the Pinoy favorite.



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Meatballs, burgers, and stir-fries are your best budget-friendly bets.

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Are dinner dates out getting too pricey? These dishes cost as little as P54 per serving!

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