20-Minute Soup Recipes You Can Easily Make

It's easy to stay warm with a hot bowl of soup.

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Gloomy, rainy days are a good time to enjoy a hot bowl of soup. Soup is one of those dishes that warms you right through to your bones! That's why it's this type of dish that many turn to when they're feeling a little under the weather. 

You don't need to cook for long to make soup delicious, and that's the wonderful thing about prepared bouillon cubes and granules. Feel free to use your favorite flavor: chicken, pork, and beef are classic. You can, however, choose to make your own if you have it or even make one from scratch using leftover veggies and even some bones. Whatever you choose, have it ready, so you can cuddle up with a hot bowl to slurp and eat.

Here are these fast and easy soup recipes that cooks in 20 minutes will help you stay warm:

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1 Easy Pinoy Vegetable Soup Recipe

The sopas is a classic chicken soup that many of us love! It can be fast and easy to make, but if you lack the right ingredients, don't worry! You can still make it. Skip the pasta and the chicken! Use what vegetables you have, including a pack of mixed veggies if you have them, and chop those into small pieces. No need to be precise. Then place all these veggies into a pot with just enough water seasoned with a chicken bouillon cube or packet, and simmer until tender. Add milk or even evaporated milk and you get a chunky soup that's easy to make as it is delicious.  

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2 Tomato Soup with Pepperoni, Rice, and Beans Recipe 

A tomato soup can be the beginning of a light but filling soup that you can enjoy on its own. To make this, you'll need to raid your stash of canned food. You'll need canned beans, canned tomatoes, luncheon meat or pepperoni if you have it, beef stock, and some day-old rice to make it. 

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3 Italian Sausage and Pesto Soup Recipe 

If you love pesto pasta, you'll love this version that you can slurp! It's got pasta and pesto but it also has some slices of Italian-style sausage that makes this instantly meaty. Make it different by swapping out the usual spaghetti or fettuccine that you would normally use if this were a pasta and use elbow macaroni or even colored shells instead to make it easy to use a spoon. 

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4 Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Soup 

If you think about it, sopas is a chicken pasta soup. Make your sopas even tastier with this modernized version that uses the same ingredients to make a sopas but swaps out the milk for cheese. It's lighter but no less chunky and filling. Plus, it's got that umami punch from the cheese to make it better. 

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5 Creamy Chicken Soup Recipe

Did you know you could make chicken soup in a blender? You can! The good news is that it's easy to make. You just need to add cooked ingredients into the blender jug, close the lid, and process it until smooth. It's super creamy and filling, plus it's easy to eat and flavorful at the same time. This process make it easy to use leftover vegetables so you don't contribute to food waste. 

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6 Malunggay and Corn Soup Recipe 

Few things are easier than this soup! This soup takes advantage of flavorful ingredients. You only need 3 main ingredients: fresh corn, malunggay, and chicken broth. Bring these together to make a delicious sabaw that's simple yet satisfying. 


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