3 Hot Chocolate Recipes for the Cold Weather

Warm your tummy with these delicious treats.


Nothing beats a hot, steaming mug of chocolate on a cold day. Mix and top it with holiday-inspired ingredients and you've got yourself a comforting treat.

Try these new hot chocolate recipes made with a combination of two Swiss Miss flavors! Make it even more special by pairing it with some of your favorite pastries.

Here are the full recipes: 

Strawberry Basil Cream Choco Drink

Strawberry and basil are always a good combination. Add some cream and chocolates and you've made it even better!


1 sachet Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate

1 sachet Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate

3 cups full cream milk

250 milliliters heavy cream

2-4 pieces Strawberry, pureed

20 grams basil leaves

2 tablespoons sugar


1 Soak basil leaves in heavy cream. Add sugar and place in chiller for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2 Mix Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate, Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate, and hot full cream milk in glasses or mugs.

3 Remove basil leaves from cream and whip the cream using a hand mixer until it reaches soft peaks.

4 Spoon whipped basil cream into the mugs.

5 Serve while hot.

PRO TIP: You can also heat the cream and add the basil (or any herb you like) to infuse the flavor even more.


Hot Black Forest

Did you know that you can turn your classic black forest cake flavor into a mug of hot chocolate? Try this recipe:


1 sachet Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate

1 sachet Swiss Miss Hazelnut

3 cups full cream milk

2 tablepoons cherry syrup

2 pieces cherries with stalk

whipped cream

30 milliliters chocolate fudge in a squeeze bottle

2 squares chocolate brownie


1 Mix Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate, Swiss Miss Hazelnut, and hot full cream milk.

2 Add cherry syrup.

3 Transfer to mugs and top with whipped cream, cherry, chocolate brownie, and chocolate fudge.


Hot Choco Raspberry Kiss

Looking for more berry options? Try raspberry with your hot chocolate!


1 sachet Swiss Miss Marshmallow

1 sachet Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Mocha

3 cups full cream milk

1-2 cup raspberry puree

30 milliliters, chocolate fudge in a bowl


1 Mix Swiss Miss Marshmallow, Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Mocha, and hot full cream milk. Transfer to a mason jar.

2 Mix in raspberry puree.

3 Serve while hot.

Your usual mug of Swiss Miss just got even better, thanks to these recipes. Click here for more recipes!


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