3 Surprising Ways to Serve Cereal

Start your morning right with these unique breakfast cereal recipes!

Tired of your usual breakfast cereal? Try these delicious recipes you can make for every day of the week!


Spiced Yogurt and Cereal Parfait



2 tablespoons brown sugar

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger


1/4 cup slivered almonds

1/4 cup dried cranberries

1 In a small mixing bowl, whisk yogurt, brown sugar, ground cinnamon and ground ginger until well mixed and sugar granules, dissolved.

2 Spoon into cups, alternating with cereal, almonds, and cranberries. Serve chilled. Serves 2.

PRO TIP! A good alternative to dried cranberries is chopped kamote cue or chopped roasted sweet potatoes.


Mocha Milk Cereal Bowl


1 cup NESTLÉ FRESH MILK, chilled

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 tablespoons MILO



1/2 Cavendish banana, sliced

1 teaspoon chia seeds

1 In a blender, pour in milk and vanilla followed by malt powder and coffee.

2 Pulse until malt and coffee granules have dissolved. Pour into a bowl.

3 Top with NESTLÉ FITNESSE cereal and bananas, and sprinkle with chia seeds just before serving. Serves 1.


Fruity Rice Pudding Bowl



1 cup day-old rice

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons honey, or to taste

1/4 cup fresh mango, sliced

1/4 cup strawberries, chopped

1/4 cup kiwi, sliced

1/2 cup NESTLÉ FITNESSE cereal

Salt, to taste

¼ tsp. ground cinnamon

1 In a bowl, microwave milk and day-old rice on High until just warm, about 15 seconds.

2 Season with vanilla, honey, cinnamon and salt to taste. Let sit 5 minutes.

3 Top with fruits and NESTLÉ FITNESSE. Serves 1.


Looking for something simpler? Just grab a box of NESTLÉ FITNESSE and a bowl of your favorite fruits, nuts and seeds and you’re all set. Here’s how you do it:

NESTLÉ FITNESSE is made from whole grain, which is a natural source of fiber. With whole grain wheat as the #1 ingredient, you get 2g of dietary fiber in every delicious bowl of NESTLÉ FITNESSE. Now, you can have a happy breakfast and a happy tummy too!


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