4 Dishes You Didn’t Know You Could Cook in a Rice Cooker

If you think your rice cooker is just for making white fluffy rice, think again!

One thing we love about rice cookers is that it has the best value for money than any other kitchen appliance. It’s so versatile that it’s become a staple in our kitchens. It’s not just a must for making rice, it can also cut cooking time in half when preparing complicated food spreads. You can do simple main dishes in a rice cooker and leave behind to cook while you tend to other things like making delicious side dishes and dips.

Here are four recipes you can make in your handy rice cooker.

Mac n’ Cheese

Looking for an easy-to-make soul food? Check out our easy version of this cheesy all-time favorite comfort dish. Instead of using a pot and a stove, set your rice cooker to once cooking cycle, place your macaroni, bell pepper, green peas, and water in your rice cooker and let it slow cook for thirty minutes, or until tha pasta is al dente. Add in the rest of your ingredients while stirring. By the time the rice cooker’s cooking cycle is done, you have yourself a nice hearty mac and cheese. 

PRO TIP: This recipe is perfect for condo dwellers with small kitchens!

Chicken Teriyaki 

Make this Japanese classic minus the hassle of frying and coating. The key to making sure your chicken is tender and flavorful lies in marinating it in sake and potato starch! Check out the video below to see how you can make this easy recipe with a tacook rice cooker.

PRO TIP: This new kitchen gadget can actually cook both your rice and ulam at the same time!

Minced Pork Rice

Not enough time to make a baon box for school or work? Make an all-in-one rice bowl infused with Asian flavors in one rice cooker. The key to making sure your ingredients are well-cooked is to finely chop your veggies and slice your meat into thin strips. Choosing the right pork part is also super important.  


Seafood and veggies are generally quick and easy to cook so if you’re looking for a recipe that doesn’t take long to prepare, Chopsuey is always a good (and healthy) way to go.

PRO TIP: To make sure your dish won’t taste bland, add the condiments last and let it sit on top of your veggies and meat when you cook it in your tacook rice cooker.

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