4 Inflight Snacks You Need to Try Now

These handy grabs won't disappoint.


It's always a great idea to grab a meal before flying, but if you're rushing to make it to your flight, you can always choose to pre-order and grab a bite on board. 

If you're flying with Cebu Pacific, you can pre-order their new delicious snacks you shouldn't pass up! You can try the Chicken Caesar Croissant or enjoy a delicious breakfast snack like Beef Tapa & Egg Burrito. For something savory, you can sample their Salted Egg Chicken in Baguette. But if you're craving for something sweet, their Hazelnut Banana Croissant is your best bet.

Pre-order these inflight meals for Cebu Pacific flights starting September 1, 2017 onwards! With pre-ordered meals, you can save more, get served first in flight, and make sure your preferred meal is available. Visit http://bit.ly/YummyXCEBMeals now!

Starting September 1, 2017, only pre-ordered CEB Meals and Fun Café snacks and drinks will be available inflight, so pre-order up to 24 hours before flight if you want to fill up!

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Cebu Pacific.
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