We Have Incredibly Easy 4-Ingredient Recipes

Save on time, money and effort with these simple recipes.

These 4-ingredient recipes will solve a lot of problems, trust us. Recipes with a long list of ingredients can be difficult for several reasons. One, it might be harder to source certain ingredients. Two, cookbooks don’t account for the time you spend gathering ingredients from your refrigerator and pantry. Three, more ingredients often mean more steps to follow, and more chances of failing! Having few ingredients for a recipe can also be a good thing because your main ingredients can shine brighter.



1 Meatballs in Pineapple-Barbecue Sauce

Pineapples and barbecue sauce are a Hawaiian classic combination for a reason. The sweet tartness of pineapple tenderizes and flavors meet in the most delicious way.


This meatball recipe is a must-try!




2 Easy Funnel Cake Recipe

It’s both fun to look at and fun to do! You won’t believe how easy this no-bake dessert is and how quickly you’ll make everyone smile.



Funnel cakes are fun and easy-to-make midday treats.




3 Chicken Barbecue with Peanut Sauce Recipe

If you've been craving chicken satay lately, we think this is one of the best versions you'll ever make.


This chicken barbecue recipe is even better with peanut sauce!





4 Fresh Spring Rolls Recipe

Easy, delicious and healthy: who knew they could all come together? The complex textures and tastes will have you reaching for more.


Wrap up all your favorite vegetables in a refreshingly light spring roll!




5 Broccoli and Cheese Strata Recipe

The best hack to making kids appreciate vegetables? Cheese! Vegetables always go with the salty, umami, creamy taste of cheese, especially with this recipe.



This broccoli and cheese strata, which is similar to a casserole, has lots of cheese sauce poured over it.



The hardest question is: what’s the first recipe you’ll try? You’ll not only be saving time in the kitchen, you’ll also be saving time in the groceries with such few easy grabs!




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