5 Easy Updates for Adobo

It's exactly like what you grew up with, but with a bit of a twist.


Tired of the same old Adobo every day? Play around with recipe ideas, and try these unusual takes on the quintessential Pinoy classic.

Adobo + red wine = Red Wine Adobong Tadyang

All you need is a little bit of fruity red wine to transform a beloved local classic.

Get the recipe: Red Wine Adobong Tadyang


Adobo flakes + Kesong Puti + Poached Eggs = Garlic Adobo Flakes Benedict

If you want to add adobo to your fancy weekend brunch at home, then this is the recipe for you.

Get the recipe: Garlic Adobo Flakes Benedict


Adobo + coconut water + buko meat = Adobo sa Buko

The addition of buko (both its juice and flesh) lends this adobo a more delicate and layered flavor profile.

Get the recipe: Adobo sa Buko


Adobo + chicken livers = Adobo Pate

The bold umami flavors of adobo are perfect for the rich, savory French staple, pate.

Get the recipe: Adobo Pate


Adobo + siling labuyo + annatto oil = Peppery Spicy Beef Adobo

This is adobo with the volume turned way up. Here, it’s all about bright, punchy flavors that go perfectly with hot rice.

Get the recipe: Peppery Spicy Beef Adobo

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