5 Fast and Easy SPAM Recipes You Need To Make

This grocery favorite is more versatile than you know.

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Let's admit it: age doesn't exempt you from loving this canned luncheon meat. Whatever your age, we think SPAM is a universally loved canned ham.

There's more you can do with it than just slice and fry it. Here are five delicious recipes to help you think out of the box: 

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1 SPAM Fried Rice Recipe 


It may be a simple thing but fried rice may just be what some people need in the morning. We think it's time to make it more delicious and more flavorful. Each spoonful is a guaranteed winner!

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2 Kimchi and SPAM Fried Rice Recipe 

Not every fried rice recipe is the same. With this spicy, tangy, and salty upgrade to your usual fried rice recipe, you not only get the flavors you love, but you're also making a one-pot meal that has it all. 


Top this fried rice with a runny fried egg!

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3 Tomato and SPAM Pasta Recipe  

Want pasta but don't have meat to make it heartier and meatier? No problem. Grab that can of SPAM and use it to make this creamy and rich tomato-based pasta that allows the canned ham be the star. Cut into large chunks so it's evident what you're spearing onto your fork or chop smaller so every bite is a burst of flavor.   


This tomato pasta has chunks of salty Spam in it!

The monggo, potatoes, and carrots create a chunky soup that's perfect with the salty Spam.
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4 Monggo and SPAM Soup Recipe 

Not everyone has time to make a meal from scratch every day, but if you're one of the lucky ones to own an instant pot or slow cooker at home, you're in for a delicious hearty treat with this recipe. We upgraded the monggo recipe and instead of it being the usual, it's a thick chowder that will not only fill you up, it's made of everyday ingredients that anyone can put together in the morning and come home at night to eat.    


This monggo chowder gets a kick of flavor from Spam.

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5 Caramelized SPAM Fries Recipe

Caramelizing SPAM cut into French fry shapes is a genius idea. Fries will never be this flavorful!    

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Need more inspiration to use that can? Here are more recipes that may encourage you to do more than just fry it: 

Looking for a one-bowl meal to pack as baon for the kids?

Two breakfast faves are combined with rice and mushrooms to make a new savory lunch treat.

Merienda is better with this delicious sandwich.

Spam musubi is a spam and rice sushi treat that is popular in Hawaii. Serve it as a snack!

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