5 Guilt-Free Recipes to Make With Spanish Sardines

Packed with umami and ready-to-use, premium bottled Spanish sardines is the perfect ingredient to use for cooking.

5 Guilt-Free Recipes to Make With Spanish Sardines

Cooking for your loved ones is all about finding the best recipes and ingredients to work with to make memorable dishes that are not only delicious but pack a good amount of nutritional value, too.

One of our favorite picks that are both guilt-free and easy to use across different kinds of dishes? Good old bottled Spanish sardines. It can be used in stir-fries, soups, and simple pasta dishes and is easy to find at any major grocery store.

Packed with Omega-3 fatty acid that lowers blood cholesterol and holding its characteristic Spanish-style flavor, Spanish sardines are a great pick. Here are a few recipes to start with:

1 Crostini with Spanish Sardines Spread

Start off your dinners with light bites that are also heart-healthy with the use of San Marino Spanish Sardines. You can also opt to hold back on the cream cheese and use lighter options instead like Greek yogurt, crème fraiche, or sour cream.

2 Spanish Sardine Cakes

Get the party started! These crunchy sardine cakes are the perfect appetizer or meal option for the kids. Try baking them, turning to the other side once golden brown, instead of frying them for a guilt-free dish.

3 Baked Eggs with Spanish Sardines

Take breakfast to the next level with a classy dish packed with protein from the eggs and Spanish sardines. Parties don't need to be unhealthy, and this recipe makes the perfect example.

4 Zucchini Noodles with Spanish Sardines

Zucchini noodles, often called zoodles, make an amazing substitute for pasta if you’re opting to bump up your intake of good-for-you veggies. Since zucchini naturally has a lot of water content, you will need something flavorful like Spanish sardines to complement the dish.

5 Linguine with Spanish Sardines

It’s always a good idea to serve pasta at a party—but sometimes, spending hours slowly simmering sauces is just too much work. Opt for a quick (but equally delicious) fix instead and make a mix of Spanish sardines, olive oil, and garlic.

Create guilt-free recipes with San Marino Spanish Sardines, available at grocery stores and online through LazMart, to make Christmas cooking quick, fuss-free, but still special. For more information, follow them on Facebook.

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