5 Incredible Uses for Eggs in the Kitchen

The humble egg is undeniably one of most versatile, low-cost, nutritious, and readily-available ingredients out there!


From your plate of scrambled eggs to your birthday celebration cake, eggs have an important role in preparing food in the kitchen. The humble egg is undeniably one of most versatile, low-cost, nutritious, and readily-available ingredients out there.


While their runny yolks and fluffy egg whites can be the stars of breakfast buffets and brunch menus, eggs are also useful for your whisking, glazing, and mixing needs. From savory to sweet, they are essential in carrying out numerous culinary functions

1 Emulsifying

When two ingredients, like fat and water, cannot be incorporated into each other by plain mixing, you will need an emulsifying agent to put them together. An emulsion in cooking is a combination of two immiscible ingredients with the help of a third ingredient to bind them together. For example, in making a hollandaise sauce, eggs yolks are whipped into butter and lemon juice to hold the two together. 

2 Glazing

Have you ever wondered why brioche pastries and bread rolls have such beautiful, smooth, and golden finishes? They are brushed with egg yolks before they are baked so that they come out with gorgeous glazes! 

3 Binding

Eggs are an essential binding ingredient for burger patties, meatloaves, and omelettes. Eggs coagulate when they cook, meaning they turn from liquid to solid. This enables eggs to hold many ingredients together. 

4 Aerating

Whipped egg whites are the reason behind your cakes’ fluffiness, why your soufflés and mousse creations have height, and why a meringue can hold its shape. The tiny air bubbles that whipped egg whites contain are able to create fluffy and light dishes. Remember to carefully fold in whipped egg whites when incorporating them into things like cake batters and heavy chocolate mousses. Otherwise, you will lose those tiny air pockets and your batter might collapse!


5 Thickening

Egg yolks are one of the best thickening agents you can use for both you cooking and baking needs. When gently heated, yolks coagulate and help thicken liquids like milk and cream for custards and pastry creams

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