Love Noodles? Here Are 5-Ingredient Pasta Recipes You Need In Your Busy Life

Pasta can be a fast and easy meal, especially if it's only got 5 ingredients in the recipe.

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Pasta can be one of the fastest meals you can prepare. What can actually take long is the boiling of the water and the cooking of the pasta, both of which can take up to 10 minutes each! 

But we have tips to avoid that:

To avoid taking longer than you need to prepare and cook your pasta recipe, having a two-burner stove is going to be key to making it happen. Without that second burner, you're left cooking the sauce only after the pasta has cooked or vice versa. Either way, it means you need double the amount of time to get that dish on the table. 

Having too many ingredients to add to the dish can also add prep time. 

The solution to both of these problems is a short, 5 ingredients or less pasta recipe that can be prepared in the shortest time possible. 

If you're curious how a fast and easy pasta can be delicious, we have pasta recipes you're going to need when you're too busy to do more than stir: 


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1 Marinara Sauce for Pasta Recipe    

What's so great about the classic marinara sauce is that it's incredibly versatile. Master how to make it and you can make any tomato-based recipe instantly delicious and flavorful, too. It's also just as easy to tweak it to make it heartier, too. Pre-made meatballs make a fantastic addition to pasta. 


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2 Pasta Arrabbiata Recipe 

For those who like their pasta sauce with a kick, this is the pasta sauce for you! This "angry" pasta sauce is the perfect recipe for those who love some flavorful heat in their pasta, courtesy of some red chili flakes that's stirred right into the sauce.  



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3 Corn and Tuna Pasta Recipe 

Who'd have thought that corn and tuna could make a fantastic pasta sauce? Use a can of your favorite kind of tuna to mix into this sweet and savory plate of creamy pasta. 

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4 Garlic Chicken Pasta Recipe 

Garlic, chicken, and pasta are best friends, and when a pasta dish is made as simple as this, the three ingredients shine to make it simply delicious. 


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5 Pasta Al Cartoccio with Puttanesca Sauce Recipe 

It may be a mouthful to say but the taste is what makes this recipe a winner. The sauce is made puttanesca-style with the capers and olives, but those who don't like anchovies will appreciate its absence in this easy recipe. 


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6 Creamy Cheese Pasta Recipe

For those who love cheese, you'll appreciate this 4-ingredient recipe that lets the cheese be the star of the show. Be generous with the freshly-cracked black pepper! This isn't your usual mac and cheese recipe. 


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7 Garlic Shrimp Pasta Recipe

This easy garlic and shrimp pasta is your ticket to a fast meal on the table. You can speed it up even further by using frozen, pre-cooked, and peeled shrimp that you can directly add to the pan once thawed. It will quickly become heated through in the pan while you cook the rest of the sauce to toss the spaghetti in. 


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8 Aglio e Olio Spaghetti Pasta Recipe 

When all else is too complicated, a simple garlic-and-olive-oil pasta can be the simplest dish you will ever make. The use of olive oil and gently cooking the garlic in it creates an aromatic oil that you'll want to season generously to highlight each of its flavors. Toss in chorizo, broccoli, or anything else in there with the spaghetti and you've still got a fast and easy recipe that anyone can find delicious.

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