5 Things You Can Do with a Bottle of Wine

One bottle of wine, so many possibilities!


Here are a few ideas to help you get creative with that bottle of wine in your pantry. You can use wine in both your sweet and savory creations! 



1 Mix it with chocolate.


Seriously, red wine and dark chocolate are perfect together! Make a chocolate fondue, a wine-spiked chocolate ganache, or mix in a little wine with chocolate and heavy cream to make melt-in-your-mouth truffles



2 Cook a risotto.


White wine ties together a slowly-cooked, creamy, and soft risotto. Top this dish with lots of parmesan cheese! 



3 Flavor your beef stew with red wine.


Choose a good wine to braise your beef in, because we know that you will end up taking little sips in between. 



4 Mix together a mean sangria!


Tone down the flavor of wine by mixing in lots of fruit! Let it sit overnight so that the flavors come together seamlessly. 



5 Re-use the wine bottle for storing oil. 

Repurpose your wine bottle and reduce your waste! Here's how you can do it.


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