5 Tips to Making Potluck Party-Ready Pancit

We’ve got tips and tricks, from cooking pancit all the way to taking it to your party.

Everyone loves a good potluck party! Whether it’s a gathering of friends or a holiday get-together with the family, there’s a certain amount of planning needed to make your potluck contribution a success—both for your host and for the party attendees.

One thing that’s sure to be a hit at any Filipino potluck party? A festive pancit dish. It’s something that both kids and adults enjoy, it’s a joy to plate and style, and more than anything: It takes only a few minutes to prep. Choose the right recipes (we have tons to choose from), shop for the best ingredients, and pick the right packaging, and you have a drool-worthy dish that will be definite crowd-pleaser.

A few tips to making the perfect one:

1 Pick a pancit recipe with colorful toppings.

It’s a must to make party food look pretty! Not only will it be extra appetizing, you can have fun plating as well. The Visayan pancit bam-i uses a combination of vermicelli noodles and pancit canton that can be cooked in a matter of minutes, and is topped with Chinese chorizo, pork liempo, squid, and different kinds of vegetables. Place the meat and vegetables on top of the noodles right before serving and watch party guests dig in!

2 If traveling, pack noodles, sauces, and toppings in separate containers.

Plan ahead: If you’re traveling from your home to the venue, remember to pack all the pancit dish components separately, then assemble at the party venue instead. This makes sure that sauce doesn’t sink to the bottom of the noodles, and that meat, seafood, and vegetables don’t go limp being squished together throughout transport.

Alternatively, you can also keep ingredients fresh by segmenting them in the same dish, then mixing up the components right before serving at the venue. A quick vermicelli salad recipe makes the perfect example for separating ingredients before tossing together.

To keep vermicelli noodles from sticking together without a sauce, lightly toss them in sesame oil or a neutral-tasting canola oil and place in a container.

3 Shop smart.

Holiday party season can get extra busy, so choose recipes and ingredients that come together in a snap. Need to cut down on prep time? Use Sapporo Sotangon Vermicelli noodles in your pancit dish—these noodles can be ready after a quick soak in hot water. Topping your pancit with pork liempo? Opt for pre-marinated liempo from the meat aisle.

4 Bring your pancit in a ready-to-serve dish.

Adding a dish to a gorgeously laid-out buffet spread for the night? Your host will appreciate your dish coming in plated on a pretty ceramic or glass dish! Go with a quick stir-fried pancit, like a sotanghon guisado recipe, that can be mixed together in a snap. If you’re feeling fancy, you have even bring a colored linen or towel to be placed under the dish for extra style.

5 Bring a label for your dish and keep dietary restrictions in mind.

Pancit, as delicious as it is, contains a mix of tons of ingredients. You never know who could be watching out for allergies, restrictions, or intolerances at a potluck, so a short label could make the biggest difference. Common restrictions to watch out for would be shellfish, gluten, and nuts.

Shop for Sapporo Longkow Sotanghon Vermicelli at any major grocery store to make potluck party-perfect pancit dishes. To know more about Sapporo vermicelli products, visit their Facebook page.

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