6 Kitchen Skills You Can Master This Year

We have videos on how to do these!


If you’ve always felt daunted about going into the kitchen, the new year is the perfect time to conquer your fear of cooking. Let our simple guides inspire you to spend a few hours in the kitchen:

1 Poach like a pro!

Poaching is a cooking method used for delicate ingredients such as eggs.

Poaching an egg might not seem the easiest cooking skill to perfect but it also isn’t as difficult people make it out to be. It might take a lot of practice (and a few eggs) but when you get a perfect one with a golden egg yolk that turns into a golden liquid once broken, you’ll understand why some people think runny yolks should be part of every meal.


Kitchen Newbie's Guide to Poaching
Poach Your Eggs Using Julia Child’s Trick!

2 Make Italian-style Carbonara (Yes, without cream!)

Italian-style carbonara is traditionally made without cream and uses fresh eggs, pancetta or bacon, and Parmesan cheese. If you’ve tried this in restaurants and loved it, now is the time to learn how to make a batch at home.


3 Handwhip Cream

Don’t have a hand mixer? Learn how to handwhip cream and you won’t need to fret when a recipe calls for whipping heavy cream.

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4 Learn to Chiffonade

Chiffonade is a chopping technique used for herbs and leafy veggies to slice them into long, slender ribbons or strips. They’re great as accents for salads and pasta dishes, and add a fresh sprinkling of flavor, too.

5 Cook Al Dente Pasta Noodles

Soggy, mushy noodles are a big no-no and making al dente pasta noodles is actually quite easy.

6 Learn to Fold

In cooking, folding allows you to combine ingredients without taking the air out of a mixture. It is used to combine a delicate mixture into a heavier one. Always remember to use rubber spatulas or a large metal spoon.


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