6 Seafood Recipes to Bookmark

These seafood dishes aren't just for Lent.


Seafood is one of those things that we tend to forget to appreciate outside of certain seasons like Lent. Seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish and squid often get the short end of the stick during the rest of the year, when people are more likely to favor meatier offerings featuring hearty meat.


Get reacquainted with the delicious wonders of the sea, which is good for your body and your soul! Here are a few of our favorite briny seafood recipes that you should bookmark.





Coconut Lychee Seafood Soup

Lychees aren’t just for desserts. The delicate floral notes of lychee mixed with rich coconut are a natural match for sweet and succulent seafood like prawns, squid and mussels.




Crab Torta

 When in doubt, stuff it! This classically Pinoy recipe is all about boosting the natural flavors of crab with quite a handful of extra ingredients. You even get to eat your crab straight out of the shell, minus all the mess!





Crab with Glass Noodles

 In many Asian countries, crab is most often served whole atop a massive pile of steaming hot savory noodles. This recipe is all about celebrating the crab in all its glory, and will make a wonderful centrepiece at any dinner.




Shrimp and Scallop Salad Sub

Everything’s always better between two slices of bread! This sandwich is just packed with sweet fresh seafood, which is definitely the star of the show.





Whole Fried Fish with Black Bean Sauce

It’s the simplicity of this Chinese-inspired fish dish that makes it really great. Fermented black beans lend a bold, salty hit to the delicate fish, making it the perfect accompaniment to a good bowl of steaming hot rice.




Walnut and Lemon Crusted Fish Nuggets

These crunchy morsels of fish will please both kids and kids-at-heart! Kids will absolutely love the crunch of these nutty fish nuggets, while grown-ups will appreciate the nuances of the walnut and lemon.



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