6 Tips for Making the Best Burgers at Home

Is there anything better, really, than sinking your teeth into a hot, juicy, tender burger? They are fairly easy to put together in your home kitchen, and are undoubtedly worth every calorie. Cook your way to beefy, burger heaven and avoid common kitchen mishaps by keeping the following tips in mind:


1 Use meats that have high fat content.

Not only can fat boost the flavor of your burger, fat can also keep your burger from drying out during pan-frying or grilling process. Create a good mix of beef and pork, or simply for go ground beef that is 20% fat and 80% lean meat.


2 Season, season, season!

Ground meat needs a lot of help when it comes to flavor. Make your burger patties shine by seasoning them with ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, fennel seeds, garlic powder, mustard, and parsley. Don't forget to add a fat pinch of salt and freshly cracked black pepper!   



3 Handle with care.

Over-working your meat will result to dry and tough burgers. Gently fold in your seasonings and add-ons until they are loosely mixed in. When the burgers are on the pan or grill, avoid flattening them out with a spatula. This will cause all that precious meat juice to run out!


4 Keep them at a uniform size.

You will be cooking several burgers at the same time. Different sized burgers also means different cooking times-keep them uniformly-sized so that you don't run the risk of undercooking or overcooking your patties.


5 Get a good sear on your patties.

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Lock in flavor and get a toasty crust on those patties by heating up your pan before you fry your patties. A good way to check if your pan is hot enough is to test it with a small pinch of your burger mix. If the meat sizzles upon contact, you are good to go!



6 Get creative with your toppings.

Burgers are great fun when you experiment with different flavor and texture combinations. A good mix of greens, cheeses, buns, and condiments will make your meal worth every calorie.


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