6 Ways to Work with Pesto Sauce

Go beyond the usual pasta. From deviled eggs to savory pancakes, here are other ways to use the classic sauce.

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1 Make pesto deviled eggs

Kick-start your party with an appetizer that's tasty, easy, and healthy! Make pesto deviled eggs with just three ingredients. Boil eggs until cooked; once cool enough to handle, peel and slice in half lengthwise. Scoop out yolks into a bowl then mix in pesto and light mayonnaise. Fill egg whites with the yolk mixture using a spoon or a piping bag.


2 Try a pesto marinade

A big batch of chicken wings never fails to get everyone in a good mood. Get the ball rolling by using a new marinade made with pesto. Combine pesto, honey, Sriracha, and a little vinegar in a bowl. Add chicken wings and marinate overnight. Grill, fry, or roast, and garnish with chili flakes or chopped parsley before serving.


3 Make a dip!

Got an almost-empty bottle of pesto? Don't throw it away just yet. Turn the contents into a dip that you can pair with vegetable sticks, crackers, and grilled meats. Simply add Japanese mayonnaise, lemon juice, and garlic to the bottle. Cover, shake, and voila! To make an instant salad dressing, use a flavored vinegar instead of the mayo. Drizzle on some greens and top with cheese.



4 Use it for sandwiches

Take inspiration from the Italian insalata caprese, but instead of a salad, make a sandwich using pantry staples. Toast bread slices and lay on a flat surface. Top with basil leaves, tomato slices, and kesong puti. Spoon or drizzle pesto over each and you're done. Make it even more special by topping your creation with prosciutto or parma ham.


5 Make butter even better

Steamed pesto mussels pack a lot of flavor, yet require very little prep time. Sauté onions and garlic in olive oil. Add broth and mussels, and cook until shells open. Add pesto and cook for a few more minutes. Transfer mussels to a bowl. Reduce sauce, add cream, and pour over mussels.

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6 How about savory pancakes?

Here's a new addition to your Sunday brunch menu: savory pancakes. Prepare your usual pancake batter, but reduce the amount of sugar you normally add. Mix in pesto and your favorite savory fillings: Try ham and peas, cheese and carrots, or corn and bacon.



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May 30, 2016


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