7 Unique Ways to Enjoy Bread

Check out these simple treats from readers who have shared how they enjoy their bread.

Ever noticed how a typical day for a Filipino family is not complete without a loaf of bread or a bag of pan de sal? Bread, especially those freshly baked or toasted ones with a thin layer of butter on top, is a staple of Pinoy breakfasts.

Pinoys also never run out of ways to put a twist on classic recipes, and bread is no exception. If you typically enjoy a loaf with a regular spread, you might want to try these recipes  made with Gardenia Bread:

Creamy Liver Spread on Toasted Bread

Whether you use Gardenia Classic White Bread, Gardenia High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread, or Gardenia Premium Pandesal, you can’t go wrong with this recipe:

“One of my favorite snacks is Gardenia Classic White Bread with liver spread and butter! What I usually do is toast the bread, add liver spread, and then add a bit of butter on top. You can toast it again to melt the butter, or you can enjoy it as it is!” Miguel Tan

PRO TIP: Add shredded cheese on top before toasting it again. You’ll end up with creamy liver spread sandwich bites! You can also try this toast recipe if you’re feeling fancy.


Corned Beef Pan de Sal

Got some leftover corned beef at home? Turn it into a delicious omelet in less than 15 minutes: 

“My mom and I love Gardenia Premium Pandesal in the morning. We would usually beat two eggs, add leftover corned beef, and coat pan de sal with the mixture. Then, we fry it until the egg is cooked. We usually pair it with black coffee or hot chocolate.” Ana Cruz

You can also make a corned beef omelet, set it aside, brown the pan de sal on a pan, spread a thin layer of butter, and top it with the omelet.

PRO TIP: This goes well with a ketchup and mayo dip. You can also try this corned beef grilled cheese recipe using Gardenia Classic White Bread.


Sweetened Condensed Milk Sandwich 

It sounds weird, but the combination of toasted bread, butter, and sweetened condensed milk yields a distinct creamy flavor. You can have this childhood treat with coffee or a cold glass of fruit juice or tea. Here’s how you make it:

“We used to make sweetened condensed milk sandwich in the afternoon, and sometimes, even for breakfast. Just get some Gardenia Premium Pandesal or Gardenia Classic White Bread, spread a tablespoon or two of condensed milk, and enjoy! You can even toast the bread before adding the condensed milk for extra crunch, or top it with some cheese, too!” Chino Hernandez

PRO TIP: Turn sweetened condensed milk to yema by mixing it with eggs and cooking it over low heat. You have just made yourself a batch of yema spread


French Toast

The recipe sounds complicated, but it’s actually simple.

“We love making the classic French toast recipe using Gardenia Classic White Bread. Sometimes we pair it with whatever fruit is in season, like mangoes and apples. We also serve it with a bowl of oats or cereal.” Aika Bernardo

PRO TIP: Try this French Toast Rolls recipe if you’re making breakfast for kids.


Egg in a Basket

Nothing beats the classic margarine-on-toast combo:

“When I’m feeling lazy, Gardenia is my go-to treat! I would spread a good amount of margarine on Gardenia Classic White Bread, and then toast it in a pan or in the toaster. Sometimes, when I need something sweet, I sprinkle sugar on top before toasting.”

PRO TIP: If you have extra time in the morning, why not upgrade your sweet toast into something savory? Just melt butter in a non-stick pan and add your bread. While it’s toasting, cut a hole in the middle, and add one egg. Let it fry, sprinkle some sugar, and flip. Now you have an egg in a basket. You can sprinkle some quick-melt cheese on top, too.  


Bread Pudding

Bread isn’t just for breakfast or merienda—you can have it for dessert, too.

“I love making bread pudding out of Gardenia Wheat Raisin Loaf. I just cut the bread slices into cubes, and then I add milk, eggs, butter, sugar, and some cinnamon. Finally, I pop it in the oven to bake until cooked through. Sometimes I also add chocolate syrup to make it even more special.” Rose Santos

PRO TIP: To give your bread pudding more flavor, you can use muscovado sugar instead. Click here for the recipe. 


Hazelnut Banana Black Forest 

This creative twist only takes less than 10 minutes to make.

“We normally enjoy Gardenia Black Forest Bread lightly toasted, with a spoonful of hazelnut spread and banana slices on top. Sometimes, we even toast some peanuts and spread it on top! If you’re not into hazelnut, you can use peanut butter instead, top it with sliced bananas, and drizzle it with chocolate syrup.” —Helen Paner

TIP: If you’re craving something fruity, use jam instead of hazelnut. You can also substitute bananas with other fruits like strawberries or blueberries. 


Click here for more recipes using your favorite variety of Gardenia Bread. Choose from varieties like Classic White, which tastes good even without any spread, Wheat Raisin, which is rich in fiber, made from whole wheat flour, and laden with California raisins, Premium pandesal, which is crusty on the outside and soft inside, and Black Forest, which is a moist chocolate bread with swirls of chocolate filling and sweet succulent cherries. 

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