Are You Overcooking Your Fish?

Here are tips to make sure you never overcook fish again.

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You've had it before. A piece of fish that looks dry, doesn't flake easily, and worst of all, it's tough and rubbery. Did you know that there are ways to make sure that fish is cooked right so you never have to experience eating dry, tough fish again?


Here are a few tips on what you can do to ensure no fish is overcooked in your kitchen ever again:


1 If frying, cook the fish with the skin on first.

If you're cooking fish with skin on, cook it with the skin side down first. You'll need to crisp up that skin before flipping. Use high heat to get that job done so when you do flip, it will be ready to plate sooner. Plus, if you're cooking salmon, feel free to not even flip. Cook the salmon skin side down until crisp then serve immediately. The inside will be medium cooked for those who like it that way. For those who don't, cover with a lid until cooked to their desired doneness.  



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2 Fry it fast or cover it.

If you're cooking chunks of fish, add it to the pan then quickly stir fry. If using a pot, add it then cover with a lid and let it steam until cooked through. Not only will it emerge flakey and tender from the heat, the steam will keep it moist and prevent it from drying out.



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3 Add the fish last.

Are you cooking vegetables that need time to cook, too? Then add the fish pieces last! Since you don't want either to be overcooked, time it so that it will cook together without either becoming overcooked. If uncertain, add it last so you can make sure it's served cooked just right.

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4 Use a nonstick pan.

More often than not, fish will stick to a pan and being stuck can lead to overcooking because while you're trying to remove it from the pan, it's still cooking. Use a nonstick pan to prevent stickiness so you can flip it before it goes from firm to tough.



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5 Steam it.

One of the best things to do with fish is to steam it. Not only will you keep your dish healthy, it ensures that your fish will never dry out. Plus, it's so versatile, you can add vegetables, even rice, to steam together with the fish.




6 Poach it.

Poaching is the cooking method of cooking your ingredients in a gently simmering pot of seasoned water or other liquids like oil. It's so gentle, it would be hard to overcook fish using this method. Plus, it creates a super flavorful sauce or broth to go with your fish.


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